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Carry-on Kiefer

Meanwhile, FLOTUS is doing her Nancy Drew routine to try to figure out where Aaron is. If Nancy Drew used a highly ranked but unelected position to browbeat underpaid civil servants, that is. A young Secret Service agent is trying to explain to her that Aaron has been "transferred," and she's trying to find out what's really going on. Neither of them is really getting anywhere, so it's lucky for the young agent that a larger, older agent comes in and offers to explain everything. "This is a sensitive issue, ma'am," he says. "President Logan would like you to come with me." At 1:20:36, FLOTUS reluctantly complies.

As they walk down the hallway, FLOTUS tries to pump the agent for information on Aaron's whereabouts, but he's not answering any questions. Perhaps he's bucking for a promotion to Press Secretary. The agent calmly ushers FLOTUS into what looks like a library or something, then closes the door behind her, locking her inside. She tries to get out, but nothing doing. And all the phones in the room are shut off as well. Smart of them to pick a room without any windows.

Kiefer has just finished handcuffing the still-unconscious Henderson to a metal post in the barn. Audrey's looking like she's thinking it's still not too late to kill him. Kiefer's also on the phone with Chloe, confirming that Henderson really doesn't have the recording, just like he said. And no, Henderson isn't naked. Kiefer figures that his old boss must have handed it off to someone, which would explain why he wasn't very far ahead of Kiefer despite his head start from the airport. Chloe says she'll play back some more convenient satellite footage to find out when and where, and Kiefer hangs up. Now that he's off the phone, Audrey decides to get her own Kiefer on: "Jack, we're getting that recording and exposing Logan," she growls. "I don't care how far I have to go or what I have to do, do you understand, Jack?" How could he not? She's speaking his language, although he seems a little uncomfortable at hearing it come from her. Kiefer's cell phone rings. Chloe has already found the footage of Henderson rendezvousing with another car. "Sorry I didn't see it before." They're tracking the other car now, which has gone back to Van Nuys Airport. "Looks like the civilian side of the airfield," Buchanan clarifies, just in case we're prone to wonder why the airport would still be open after Kiefer blew part of it up. Buchanan adds that the car drove onto the tarmac, where the driver got out and boarded a plane that's waiting there. Kiefer points out that air traffic is grounded, but Buchanan says it doesn't look like a commercial flight and he'll see what he can find out about it. Chloe has one pertinent fact already, which is that it's going to take off soon. Kiefer asks if Curtis is still attached to CTU. Buchanan says he's taking orders from Hayes, "but I think we can trust him." Chloe says Curtis is 25 miles northwest of Kiefer's present location, and he's got a Tac team with him. Just cruising around, picking up chicks, I guess. Kiefer tells Buchanan to call Curtis and have him meet them at the barn so he can get Audrey and Henderson back to CTU. Chloe wonders if that's a good idea with Logan in control, but Kiefer pooh-poohs, "Curtis will be able to protect them." From the President. But it's not like anybody has a better plan anyway. Buchanan says he's calling Curtis now, and they hang up.

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