Day 5: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

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Carry-on Kiefer

That’s been enough time for Shari to be escorted into Hayes's office, and Hayes tells the guard to wait outside. Hayes gets right to it and asks why Shari let Chloe go. Shari quickly confesses, "She intimidated me." "She intimidated you?" Hayes asks incredulously, like if she threw down with Chloe there'd be anything left of her but half of a power suit and a couple of hairpins. Shari confesses that she's afraid of losing her job over a psych evaluation, and starts wandering off on that tangent until Hayes calls her back to the subject at hand, which is the question of why Chloe is helping Kiefer and Audrey. Shari relays Chloe's claim that Logan is framing Kiefer, and is himself involved in David Palmer's murder. "I mean, can you believe her?" Shari concludes. Amazingly, Hayes is looking like she just about could.

Logan, meanwhile, is just arriving at the locked door behind which FLOTUS is raging to be let out at 1:31:46. He tells the large agent, still stationed outside, to unlock the door. The agent obeys, and, disappointingly, FLOTUS doesn't immediately spill out into the hallway in a noisy heap. Instead, Logan calmly enters, ignoring FLOTUS's enraged demands to have the agent arrested and to know Aaron's whereabouts. He manages to calm her down a little, and they sit down together on a big red leather sofa as he explains that he had Aaron transferred back to Washington. FLOTUS still doesn't understand why, and she also doesn't know why she's locked up. "Because we need to talk," Logan says. That gets her attention. But now that he has it, he can't face her, and he gets up to pace the room. He does manage to open by saying he's been wanting to tell her something, but he hasn't, "because it's horrible and because it's ugly." FLOTUS is getting nervous now, and Logan rejoins her on the couch. "What happened to David Palmer wasn't supposed to happen... He got involved with something he shouldn't have." FLOTUS asks what he's saying, and Logan explains, "I never authorized his death." I should probably point out that I didn't either. Did you? Logan should really stop right there, but FLOTUS realizes that his statement means Logan knows who killed Palmer. Naturally, she wants to know how he knows. His face and voice are calm but his fingers are fidgeting as he tells her, "He works for me." FLOTUS is of course shocked and horrified, and lashes out at him. "Oh my God, you're involved in David's murder!" she cries. She was close friends with Palmer, you recall. Or she thought she was. Same thing, at this point.

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