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Carry-on Kiefer

She tries to get away from him, her hands clapped over her ears as she goes into a corner and wails, "Why are you telling me this?" Logan says she was about to figure it out herself, and that now she has to stop talking about it to everyone. "Do you realize how traumatic it would be for the country if people were to find out?" FLOTUS angrily mocks him for pretending to be worried about the country, and rightly so, but he insists that the resulting scandal would destroy the American people's faith in their government and the nation's credibility worldwide. Yeah, that sure would suck, all right. FLOTUS screams at him that the whole day has been a lie (yep) and that he makes her sick. He grabs her by the elbows and says he knows he made a terrible mistake. "But it's done." He just needs to know that FLOTUS will pipe down about everything. FLOTUS gives him a little speech about all the things she's forgiven him for, of which this will not be one. "I hate you. But I will keep my mouth shut. The people of this country don't deserve to suffer. You do, Charles. You do." Sounds like she's already got a plan. She opens the door, and the Secret Service agent blocks her exit. She looks back at Logan, who wordlessly gives the agent the go-ahead to let her pass. He stands there looking bummed. So am I. I wish I hadn't used that joke about him sleeping in the White Garage nine episodes ago. It's 1:35:48. And evil or no, I think the President could be forgiven if he were to loosen his tie a little at this hour.

1:40:14. Graham is leading a meeting of his associates in their fancy office. At 1:40 in the morning, mind you, so you know these guys probably aren't as classy as they look. Even though every man-jack of them is wearing a Bluetooth (or Bluetooth-lookalike) phone earpiece. One of the meeting's attendees, a dark-skinned man with an accent that I refuse to identify as "African," is getting a little antsy about all the loose ends. Graham nods, but says that nothing ever goes as planned: "I have never made a deal in my life that didn't feel like it was going to fall apart at the eleventh hour." Or the nineteenth, as the case may be. He tells them all to quit worrying. "We need to remember the strength we had eighteen months ago when we started this thing." He suggests that his questioner, Ron, think about his kids. "That's what I do when I need to get focused." He thinks about Ron's kids? Weird. His earpiece rings, and because the tiny little thing clipped to the side of his head doesn't have caller ID, he answers the President of the United States with a terse, "Yeah?" Logan informs Graham that FLOTUS has been dealt with, and that he threatened to send her back to Vermont if she doesn't behave. Graham points out that Logan was going to do that earlier today, but changed his mind when she found out the truth. "What if she 'finds out the truth' again?" Graham asks. What, there's more truth? How much more truth is my suspension of disbelief supposed to take, anyway? Logan points out that he's been handling FLOTUS all day, and Graham gets all friendly-like as he agrees that the Prez has been doing a good job. "We were just talking about how you've had to be on the front lines through all this. How you've had to get your hands dirty while we could just watch from a safe distance. You've earned our trust," he says, and adds that he knows Logan will do what needs to be done about his wife. Logan looks like he's about to respond, but he just hangs up again. He's getting good at that. That was some nice stuff Graham said, even though I'm pretty sure it all just meant that he's going to have FLOTUS killed soon.

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