Day 5: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

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I Got Your Gas Right Here

Audrey's tapping away at her laptop when the cell phone on the desk next to her goes off. It's Kiefer, saying he's back in play. Audrey walks off somewhere to fret at Kiefer that he'll be exposed. "Yes, please!" say the forum posters. She adds that CTU can handle this without him. Kiefer changes the subject to a favor he needs to ask of Audrey: "Kim doesn't know I'm alive yet," he says. "I don't want her to find out the wrong way." Well, if memory serves, Spawn of Kiefer only finds things out one way: over the course of several hours while we all wait for her to catch up. So I don't know what the "wrong way" would entail. Audrey offers to tell her, but Kiefer just wants Spawn brought into CTU for now, where she should wait until he gets back. Or until the building gets blown up, one of the two.

At 1:12:46, the terrorists' truck pulls into the driveway of a motorcycle repair shop. Just as the one mechanic in the garage is getting off the phone, Erwich walks in and asks the guy, "Do you have some kind of precision tool for cutting metal?" The mechanic gestures at the exotic equipment surrounding him and says, "Sure." Erwich asks where everyone else is, and when the mechanic answers, "Lunch," Erwich pulls out his gun and points it at the mechanic. "I need you to do some work for us and we need it done fast," he says. "You do it, you'll live." Dammit, why didn't I think of that when my transmission blew up? It's 1:13:32.

1:17:53. You know what, I'm done recapping the act-in splitscreens. Nothing ever happens during them, and I ran out of new ways to say "X sits and does nothing" about thirty-five recaps ago. If anything relevant goes on in one, I'll let you know. Like this one, where the terrorists are hauling the canisters into the garage from the truck. See? I told you I'd tell you.

Logan's having another one of his patented micromanager freak-outs, demanding an update on the search for the nerve gas. It's all just a setup so he can look up from the phone and see his wife standing there in the room, looking at him inscrutably. "How are you feeling?" Logan asks guiltily. "Remarkably well," FLOTUS says, "for someone whose husband tried to have her committed without so much as a goodbye." Logan starts to shut down, but she quickly apologizes, saying she didn't come to fight. "You have every right to," Logan grovels. She reminisces about when he used to come to her for advice, and says he's going to need her help today. "I don't know what to say," Logan says in a way that he thinks is sweet. And then FLOTUS hauls off and smacks him one across the face. "Don't you ever do that to me again," she orders while the Secret Service fails to rush into the room and wrestle her to the ground.

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