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I Got Your Gas Right Here

Back at the Cradle of Love, Kiefer takes his sweet time telling Rossler that he's been instructed to accept the deal. Rossler pushes his luck, demanding "a certified agreement, signed by the Attorney General... And remember, I want Inessa." Inessa doesn't look like she thinks it's nice to be wanted at all. It's 1:38:56.

We come back at 1:43:02, as Kiefer comes into the room to say Rossler's immunity agreement is being drawn up. Good thing the Attorney General wasn't doing anything else. Now Kiefer wants to know where Erwich is. Rossler, who has recovered rather well in the past few minutes, calmly answers, "I have no idea. I don't know the man. Not even what he looks like. I first spoke with him thirty minutes ago. We were put in contact through a mutual associate in Russia." Kiefer's a lot less pissed than I would be at getting so little for so much as he asks who the associate is. Rossler drops the name "Sergei Voronov," which I'm pretty sure is a name from at least one video game. He confirms that Erwich does indeed want him to program a new trigger chip for the canisters, and will be calling back with the necessary ID numbers within the hour. He adds that he was planning on delivering the chip himself. "I want that chip," Kiefer growls, and Rossler says he'll show it to Kiefer once he sees the papers he's asked for. Kiefer scowls at Rossler, then steps aside to whisper to Curtis, "I want you to be ready to fit that chip with a transponder so we can track it." "Track it"? Disable the fucker! Step on it! Throw it away! I swear, Kiefer just likes to make things harder for himself sometimes. He whips out his cell phone and dials.

A minute and a half into the act, it's somehow now only 1:43:37 as Buchanan answers Kiefer's call while walking through CTU. Kiefer's calling for an update on Rossler's agreement, which Buchanan tells him should be coming through in a few minutes. Kiefer's next item of business is whether they've learned anything about Inessa. I've learned that she's very good at sitting still and being quiet. To that information, Buchanan adds that Inessa went missing from Kiev nineteen months ago, presumably nabbed by "traffickers in the sex slave trade. She's fifteen, Jack." Just what Kiefer needs to hear under the circumstances. What's he supposed to do with that info, anyway, Buchanan? "Fifteen?" he repeats incredulously, as if the poor girl isn't five feet away from him. Not that she turns to him to reveal her reaction. Once off the phone, Kiefer crosses to Rossler, who's sitting there grinning smugly. Kiefer sits across from him and launches into a heartfelt if tuneless rendition of the Tim McGraw classic, "Don't Take the Girl." Rossler says Inessa's all he cares about; no girl, no deal. Kiefer feels all kinds of shitty about what he's going to have to do.

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