Day 5: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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At the terminal, the ex-hostages are milling about. Kiefer leads a still-bound Derek over to an armored CTU agent and introduces himself. "I know who you are, sir," the agent ass-kisses. As Kiefer borrows a tool from the agent to free Derek, he introduces the kid and asks the agent to take him back to his mom at the CTU command post outside. "What about you?" Derek asks. Kiefer warmly growls, "Come here," in a way that makes millions of viewers ovulate on the spot. Including me. He pulls Derek into a long hug and whispers, "I have to finish this. Take care of your mother." And yet, he sends the kid off without a ball gag.

That done, Kiefer's got another urgent piece of business to take care of. He turns and scans the ex-hostages, looking for the guy in the yellow tie. Of course, Yellow Tie is nowhere to be seen. "I'm missing one," he tells the viewing audience. He calls out to the remaining ex-hostages, asking if any of them saw Yellow Tie leave. Nobody speaks up, because they're only extras. "Keep the hostages here until I get back," Kiefer says to the nearest agent. So I guess I started using the term ex-hostages a bit prematurely. It's 10:47:26.

10:51:53. FLOTUS waits near the stage for her moment, Derek makes his way out of the terminal, and Diane awaits his return at the command post. Derek calls out to his mom, and there is much hugging and crying on both sides. "Jack saved my life," Derek snivels. "He saved everyone's life." ["Drink!" -- Sars] Well, except for two people. The phrase "airport terminal" took on new meaning for those guys, didn't it? Diane quietly (!) asks a nearby agent if she can see Kiefer, but the agent says he has to take them right to CTU. I don't know what the hell Kiefer could be thinking, turning Diane loose in a place that has so many glass walls. After a couple of hours there won't be anything holding up the roof.

At the treaty signing, President Logan leaves the stage to thunderous applause. Or as thunderous as applause gets when it's outside. That seems like a rare PR gaffe on his part. On his way, he shakes hands with President Suvarov, Novick, and Walt, who's smiling proudly (or pretending to). At 10:52:56, his wife catches up with him as he descends the steps, saying again that she has to talk to him. Logan tells the worried-looking FLOTUS to smile, now that "it's over." He promises he'll have time for her soon, but not now. He's all condescending to her, using that skittish-horse tone again that just pisses her off now, almost as much as it does me. "I am not crying wolf again," she insists, and just the fact that she said "again" should score her some more credibility points with Logan. But listening isn't so much Logan's thing, so he just blows her off again. "Do not ruin this moment for me," he warns her before walking off. Ass. Walt catches up to FLOTUS and asks her if everything is all right. She says it's not, and she needs to talk to Logan ASAP. "The situation is more dangerous than he realizes," she drama-queens. Walt asks her what she means, probably to find out what she knows or suspects. But, wisely, FLOTUS refuses to answer his questions. "I can only talk to Charles about this," she frets. And really, that's the saddest part of her whole situation.

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