Day 5: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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It's 10:23:37 as Logan's press secretary outlines the upcoming ceremony for the assembled press corps. I hope the reporters don't mind spoilers. While waiting near the stage, Logan quietly spills a little more stress on Novick about the timing of the signing and the rescue attempt. Novick confidently assures him that it's all synchronized. Logan hopes so. He whines, "Today was supposed to be the crowning achievement of my presidency. Instead, everyone's waiting to hear what's going to happen at the airport." FLOTUS arrives at Logan's side, and they actually flirt kind of sweetly before the press secretary introduces the two presidents. The heads of state take the stage, Logan doing one of those annoying president-waves as he walks that's almost like a sideways Nazi salute. Logan? Quit that.

At CTU, Chloe tells Buchanan that the treaty signing is ninety seconds ahead of schedule, and she suggests he call Curtis to move up the timetable on the assault. Buchanan wisely realizes that interrupting Curtis isn't going to speed things up any, and snaps that their only hope is to stall the signing. After he stomps off, Spencer comes up and asks what's eating the boss. Chloe: "Nothing. I think he just realizes we're not going to be able to save the hostages." So apparently he's off to meditate. It's 10:25:22.

Commercials. Kiefer's voice is certainly excited about Intel chips going into Macs, isn't it?

It's 10:29:45. Curtis is planting plastic explosives on the wall outside the entry point Kiefer gave him earlier, Kiefer and Derek wait for something to happen, and so does Buchanan. At the stage set up at Not Camp David, Logan is launching into a fiery, angry, and possibly extemporaneous speech about how we won't be cowed by terrorists, including the ones controlling an airport terminal "just a few miles away." While the audience applauds (because it's not their asses being held hostage in an airport), Novick whips out his cell and calls Buchanan to ask what the holdup is. Buchanan says they're doing their best, and he in turn asks whether Novick can stall the treaty signing at all. Nice of him to stand around for six precious minutes waiting for Novick to call him and bring up the subject. But it's too late anyway, as Novick says: "Bill, the entire world is watching this on live television. The presidents of the United States and Russia are on stage now. This process has been set in motion!" A simple "no" would have sufficed. Maybe Novick should take the stage for a while and put on a little show where he answers simple questions with thirty times as many words as are necessary. Buchanan says he'll call Novick right back, but Novick insists that Buchanan stay on the phone and tell him the moment the rescue begins. The audience applauds again, and we hear a bit more of Logan rocking the podium. It's actually kind of an impressive performance. Or maybe I've just forgotten what it's like to watch a President who can deliver an impassioned speech without smirking.

In the video sanctum, The Man is on his phone, complaining to Beresch that it looks like they're going through with the signing. "Are you sure this is going to work?" he frets. From inside the airport, Beresch confidently assures The Man that it will. "The only reason the President is so confident is that he thinks his rescue attempt will save the day," Beresch boasts. In case you're just tuning in, Beresch would like you to know that the rescue attempt will fail, the President will be notified of that fact immediately, and there will thus be no treaty-signing. The Man wants Beresch to be sure he's ready to carry out his threat if he's wrong. Beresch brags about his men's commitment to the cause, and abruptly ends the call. Big talk for the only terrorist in the room who hasn't accessorized with dynamite.

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