Day 5: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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Buchanan is in the CTU Situation Room with Audrey, ordering up more ambulances. I guess Novick let him off the line after all. Or Buchanan just put his cell phone down somewhere while he goes about his business. I would certainly never do that. Not now that I have a toddler I can give the phone to. McGill comes in to the Sit Room, having noticed that the assault plan has been "radically changed." Audrey reminds him that the new plan is based on new info from Kiefer. "Which he phoned in after being dark for nearly twenty minutes," McGill reminds them. Audrey isn't sure what he's getting at. As Buchanan irritably gets off his phone call, McGill says he's still not satisfied with everything as it is, and he wants to review all the transcripts of CTU's communications with Kiefer since the start of the hostage crisis. Hey, read the recaps, punk. I'm not doing this for my health. Buchanan says he'll send them right along, and McGill hurries back to his commandeered office as quickly as the Giant Sequoia up his ass will allow. As the Sit Room door swings shut, Chloe catches it and pokes her head in to say Curtis is calling from the terminal.

Curtis, still wiring his own damn explosives, reports that they're almost ready to move. He adds that they're jamming the detonation frequency so that Beresch can't blow up his men remotely. Good thinking, that. I'm sure Beresch's men will appreciate it.

McGill's sitting at his ninety-five computer screens, looking through the transcripts he requested. He seems to run into some kind of obstacle, so he calls up Chloe and starts politely and wordily making a request of her. She doesn't have any more time for other people's manners than she does for her own, and cuts him off to ask what he needs. He asks her to "unlock volume five," and he's about to explain why. But Chloe just unlocks it for him and hangs up. "This Lynn McGill person's really slowing things down," Chloe complains to Spencer. Spencer says that's McGill's style. Apropos of I'm not sure what, he adds that McGill generally loses twenty percent of his staff whenever he takes control of a new office. Chloe is surprised to hear that that many people quit. Spencer corrects her, "Most of them are fired." Only twenty percent? Considering that most CTU bosses get more than that killed on any given day, it sounds like McGill will be a stabilizing force by comparison. ["It's not like anyone stays 'fired' in that shop for more than three hours anyway. Downsize away, Mikey." -- Sars]

At Not Camp David, Suvarov is making his own speech, which, since his speechwriters are on the other side of the world, suffers a bit by comparison to Logan's. Logan just looks worried. Don't worry, Logan, it's not like you have to give a rebuttal.

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