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Cry, Wolf

At an even more relevant place and time, the fake S.W.A.T. van carrying Yellow Tie, the Yellowtones, and a bunch nerve gas pulls up to the airport security gate, stops at the checkpoint, and easily fools the unsuspecting guards into letting them pass. In the back of the van, Yellow Tie tells his cell phone, "We're away."

Smiling for some reason, Evelyn comes back into the First Lady's suite to find FLOTUS splayed out on the bed, dead to the world and looking as if she'd been dropped there from a great height. Evelyn, alarmed, tries unsuccessfully to rouse her boss, then calls for help. "Get a doctor now," she tells the Secret Service agent who comes running. Except she kind of swallows the "now," making the line sound like she was telling the Secret Service agent to do something else a minute ago. Combine that with the smile, and I may be formulating a theory as to why she hasn't quit already.

Curtis and his AV guy have managed to locate some ten-minute-old video footage of Yellow Tie, skulking among the airport's hangars. They track Yellow Tie's movements, right up until he disappears into Hangar BB. Curtis asks if that hangar's been searched yet, and the AV guy says it hasn't, since it's "outside the secured perimeter." Wait, outside the perimeter? Then how did Yellow Tie get past -- oh, never mind. Curtis quickly rounds up a posse of armored CTU agents, and they all hop onto the running boards of a nearby CTUmobile which peels out for Hangar BB. On his way, Curtis calls up Edgar for some technobabble to kill the thirty seconds it takes to cover the distance to the hangar. At 11:06:02, Curtis and his men dismount the CTUmobile outside the building, and quickly enter, weapons drawn. Of course, once inside, they learn what we already know: the bad guys left five minutes ago, and now there's nothing left but a giant hole in the floor that contains the world's largest Igloo cooler, which in turn contains nothing but twenty empty slots for Thermoses of Death. The bad guys didn't even pull up their ladder or turn their work lights off. Man, the only thing worse than a terrorist is a wasteful terrorist. Curtis tells his men to fan out and look around, but it's Curtis who finds the big lead: a dead rat. Also, another dead rat. Curtis prods the nearest deceased rodent with a loose fragment of something, and determines that, yes, that is definitely an ex-rat. He gets on his comm unit and calls for a forensics team. "Tell them they'll need a full bio pack with spectrum analyzers," he adds. Someone's going down! Aw, I had no idea Curtis was such an animal lover.

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