Day 5: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Cry, Wolf

At a vacant lot somewhere (presumably) nearby, Yellow Tie (no longer wearing his yellow tie, but not yet endowed with an actual name) and his men meet up with a driver who's waiting next to a parked semi. There's talk of "transport" and "customs" and a "port," and it's all very mysterious while we try to figure out what they could possibly be up to. And then Yellow Tie snarls, "The Russians will understand the consequences of occupying our homeland when we turn Moscow into a graveyard." Oh, give it all away, why don't you?

It's 11:08:02 as Logan arrives at the FLOTUSuite to find his wife sitting up groggily on the end of her bed, being attended to by a doctor. "When did this happen?" Logan demands of Evelyn. Evelyn says she found FLOTUS that way when she came back a few minutes ago. "You mean you left her alone," the Prez bitches, and turns to attend to his wife rather than having Evelyn audited. FLOTUS seems relieved to see Logan, but she's taking exception to the doctor's characterization of the event as her having "blacked out." As Logan sits down next to her, she hugs him tight and whispers urgently in his ear, "They're trying to get me...I had the proof, and now it's gone." Good, that'll make her seem less crazy. Of course, she's referring to evidence of her claim that Palmer was trying to warn her about something before he died. You'll be astounded to read that Logan doesn't leap up and start running around looking for conspirators. Walt, who has just arrived, looks down uncomfortably instead of guiltily, which is probably a smart move on his part. FLOTUS despairingly realizes that Logan doesn't believe her. Well, yeah, lady, that particular clue phone's been ringing for at least four hours. As she melts into a little puddle, Logan gets up and tells the doctor he's off for a call with the Secretary of State. Yes, Mr. President, you're a very important guy. Go talk to Mister Secretary of State. Tool. FLOTUS doesn't want him to leave for some reason, but he rudely extricates himself and walks out.

Walt and two Secret Service agents are close behind, but Logan waves off the guards for a private conference with Walt at 11:10:25. Walt reminds Logan that FLOTUS was like this before she was sent, and I quote, "to Vermont." "She said she'd rather die than go back there," Logan says, flushing three electoral votes down the shitter. But Walt says, "If she's going to persist with these conspiracy theories, it's only a matter of time before she talks to someone who believes her. Then we really will have a problem." Walt offers to "handle this" for the Prez, and Logan sadly agrees. "But don't let Martha find out," he warns. "Let me be the one to tell her." Well, that shouldn't be too hard, right?

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