Day 5: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Cry, Wolf

Outside, Walt answers his ringing cell phone. It's The Man, who doesn't really have anything important to say and just wants to increase Walt's exposure to detection. At first I wondered why The Man would be so stupid as to recklessly call Walt at Not Camp David, when at any given moment there's a good chance that Walt is with the President. But then I remembered that the President is even stupider, so that made more sense. In any case, The Man is actually calling to ask if the FLOTUSituation has been resolved, and Walt assures him that it has. In turn, The Man reports that Yellow Tie is transferring the nerve gas to the semi, and CTU doesn't know it's been stolen yet. Which is not entirely accurate. As we know, the CTU does know, but the bad guys just don't know they know. Pleased, Walt says, "The only thing we have left to take care of is Bauer." The Man asks where Kiefer is now, and Walt says he's on his way to CTU. The Man doesn't like the sound of that, but Walt says he's got a guy inside who can help. "Then use him," The Man says. "Done," Walt says, and snaps his phone shut. Oh, no! They got to Tony again! Or maybe not. It's 11:12:22.

11:16:44. Curtis nervously watches a field rat-opsy, his guys run a scanner over the giant Igloo cooler, Kiefer rides to CTU, and Logan looks sad. We join a telephone conversation between Edgar and Curtis, who is reporting, "Two thousand parts per million. That can only be military grade." Edgar hangs up and trots over towards where Buchanan and McGill are conferring nearby. Chloe bitches at him to get back to work, but he just says, "Not now." "Since when do you say 'not now'?" Chloe demands. Um, now? But instead of using my razor-sharp zinger, Edgar blows right past her. Buchanan is offhandedly explaining to McGill how an airport hangar can go uninspected for a year and a half when Edgar joins them (Chloe tagging along) to report that Curtis's guys found trace amounts of nerve gas in the dead rats' blood -- gas whose concentration indicates weapons-grade. Now, that's just wasteful. When I had rats, I found that the much cheaper household-grade nerve gas worked just as well. The question remains as to where the nerve gas came from, since, as Buchanan points out, the military shitcanned its stockpiles of the stuff years ago. Riiiight. McGill wants Edgar to have the forensics guys try to determine who manufactured the gas if it wasn't the military, and Chloe to raise the alert level and recall everyone back to home base, including Curtis. Let's hope Curtis gets to ride inside the car this time.

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