Day 5: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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Danger Deposit Box

Kiefer checks his rearview mirror, just to make sure no bullets are gaining on him. Audrey pulls right onto the tarmac at Van Nuys Airport. Heller is still airborne. Slime tattles to Hayes, who looks over at Chloe suspiciously. And Logan thinks up new ways to be evil.

"How's he doing?" Kiefer asks Wayne in regard to Carl. "He's dead," Wayne responds. So, he's doing badly, then. Don't forget to send someone over to his house to untie his wife, you guys. Kiefer spits out a half-hearted "dammit" before calling Audrey on his cell phone. She says she's at Van Nuys waiting for her dad, whom she's expecting to land in about fifteen minutes. He tells her he has the evidence. Audrey takes a breath and asks, "Have you listened to it?" in this creepily ambiguous way. If there's anything there, Kiefer totally misses it and says, "Yeah, there's no doubt it's Logan. You understand what this means. We're talking about taking down the President of the United States." And it's 12:00:00, the first second of the last day of Logan's administration, I'm guessing. And a quick shout-out to Buono and hachurui for the homepage headline.

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