Day 5: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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Danger Deposit Box

Aw, Evelyn's taking a little nap as her lifeblood seeps out onto a motel pillow in front of her daughter. What a tender moment. Little Amy decides this is a good time to go into the bathroom at 11:25:56 and wash her mom's blood off her hands, but she doesn't get very clean before she breaks down and collapses into the corner of the room, crying. This wakes Evelyn up, and she tries to make it into the bathroom to help. The stupid girl just sits there while her mom tries to hop in on one leg. Evelyn makes it as far as the doorway before collapsing, and it looks like she hits her head on one of the motel chairs as she goes down. Finally Amy shifts herself to get up, running to Evelyn in panic. She tries unsuccessfully to shake her awake (by the leg with the bullet hole in it, I can't help noticing), and when that doesn't work she runs to the phone to call 911. No, Amy! Don't do it! Don't you realize how expensive it is to call from a motel room? She quickly gets a 911 dispatcher on the line, whose first questions are (1) what's your name, (2) what's your mom's name, and (3) tell me where you are. Man, kids wreck everything on this show.

Remember how Henderson said his people were monitoring emergency services? We now see that wasn't bullshit, because Henderson is already getting a call from someone reporting that 911 has received a request for assistance for Evelyn Martin at a motel at a specific address. "Be there shortly," Henderson intones, and hangs up without even getting the room number. It's 11:27:42.

At 11:32:04, Evelyn is still unconscious and Amy has stopped crying, for all the good that does now. Logan is addressing the press at Not Camp David, bragging that "federal counter-terrorist agents, under my direction, thwarted the latest attack on innocent civilians." He adds that the nature of the threat was kept secret for the public's own protection. Gardner is standing stiffly nearby, but not all that nearby. Also watching is Aaron, whom FLOTUS comes up behind and remarks, "He really did it." She's amazed at her husband's accomplishments of the day: "He stopped the terrorists...the treaty was signed...he said he would ride out this crisis, that everything would be okay. And it is." She smiles happily. "I should have trusted him." "Yes, ma'am," Aaron grumbles uncertainly. FLOTUS asks him what's up, and he just says he's battle-worn. And she only knows about half of the times he got shot at today.

At 11:33:12, the Carl the Bank Manager's SUV pulls into a parking lot. Behind the wheel, Kiefer explains to Wayne that they have to go the rest of the way on foot to avoid the military checkpoints. Then his cell phone rings, and the display reads "Aaron Pierce." Kiefer grabs his man-purse and hops out of the car to take the call.

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