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Danger Deposit Box

At CTU, New Girl Shari gets up from her computer and approaches Chloe, making the mistake of asking, "Do you have a minute?" "No," says Chloe flatly. Shari is actually stymied by this, until Chloe takes pity on her and asks what she wants. Shari's noticed that one of the satellites has been taken over on a "class one priority override," and asks if Chloe knows what's up. Chloe lies that she doesn't, but she's telling the truth when she says she'll look into it. Also, maybe she could look into why Shari didn't get fired along with everyone else at CTU. Once Shari's gone, Chloe pulls up the satellite screen, and is somehow instantly able to recognize the roof of Audrey's car. She looks up towards the glass walls of Hayes's office, where the new boss and her minion are riveted to a computer monitor of their own. Chloe brings her analyst's brain to bear on the situation and sums it up thusly: "Crap." She leaves her station.

It's 11:47:55 at the bank, as a bunch of black SUVs filled with armed bad guys converge in the parking lot. So Henderson's minions just respawn like video game villains or something? And anyway, won't they feel silly when they realize that the vault opened up almost four minutes ago and that Kiefer has been gone for almost as long? One of the bad guys dials Henderson on a cell phone, saying they're in position and claiming that he briefly had a visual of Kiefer. Henderson orders him to take Kiefer out the instant he comes out of the bank building, then "kill the others and secure the recording."

Wait -- the vault is just now opening for some reason, even though it's been almost ten minutes since Kiefer entered the code. I guess the vault designer thinks cops are slow. Kiefer uses Evelyn's and Mossman's keys to pull out the drawer of safety deposit box #23 while Mossman tells Wayne, apropos of nothing, "I admired your brother a great deal. He was a great man." Drink! Just once I'd like to hear someone tell Wayne, "Your brother was a self-righteous prick." I'll volunteer as soon as he puts the gun down. Kiefer opens the box, which contains only a small digital recorder. So Evelyn not only left Not Camp David and went to the bank, she took the time to open up a new safety deposit box? FLOTUS isn't working her nearly as hard as I thought.

Kiefer pulls the recorder out and presses play, and we hear Logan and Henderson arguing about the latter's decision to kill Palmer. Logan was pissed that Henderson did it, but Henderson insisted it was necessary, pointing out that Palmer had been "snooping around" and had gone so far as to call FLOTUS. "I can handle my wife," Logan lied. "Right now my concern is keeping this operation from collapsing like a house of cards." If only someone had had that concern about the season. This is clearly difficult for Wayne to listen to, as his face twists in rage. Carl is finally catching up as he recognizes Logan's voice on the tape. Henderson on the recording answers one question: "Every thread ends with [Walt] Cummings. He thinks he's running this, and you need to keep playing it that way." Even when he's alone with Walt, for some reason. So did Logan know that Walt was in on the plan before he confessed? Does anyone care?

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