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Tale of the Tape

It's 12:54:46 as he reenters the hangar, pointing his gun in every direction and calling Audrey's name. Henderson yells, "I have her, Jack. Don't make me kill her." And indeed, Audrey has been taken hostage, and she looks quite calm despite the fact that Henderson has a gun to her head. She really did grow a backbone between seasons. I wonder if she knows that Kiefer shot Mrs. Henderson in the leg a few hours ago? Henderson is hiding with her behind a parked cherry-picker, telling Kiefer to give up the recording. From his own position behind a forklift, Kiefer tells Henderson to let her go, but Henderson refuses until he has the recording. Kiefer changes the subject and asks why Henderson is protecting Logan, and Henderson says he's protecting something bigger: "The integrity of our government." "Our government has no integrity," Kiefer yells back. "Not when someone like Charles Logan occupies the presidency." Of course, it's not like anyone's going to win the political argument, so they're at a standoff. Kiefer's temptation to risk taking a shot at that giant Robocop forehead must be powerful. Until Henderson offers, "I'll tell you what: I'll meet you halfway." Kiefer scowls and tries to come up with something tough to say in response, but all he can come with is, "What does that mean?" Heh. Henderson puts a hand over Audrey's mouth, and she finally looks scared. "Get up," he growls at her, and the two of them step into the open, Henderson behind Audrey. The closed captioning quotes Henderson as saying, "Just hold still, Ms. Raines," although I can't for the life of me hear it, and she gives a muffled moan. "Dammit, Christopher!" Kiefer yells, and Henderson says Audrey's on her way. "Walk out slowly or I'll kill you," he whispers to her. Audrey obeys, her face anguished. And then we get a close-up on her right hand, which is absolutely streaming with blood that's pouring out of the sleeve of her coat. As she walks towards Kiefer, he notices the solid red line she's leaving on the ground, and the blood saturating her coat sleeve. Now I know why they put her in off-white. She looks like the season finale of Rome right now. Henderson tells Audrey to stop where she is, and informs Kiefer that he's severed Audrey's left brachial artery, which gives her three minutes before she bleeds to death. Wow, that's cold. "Now throw me that recording," Henderson orders. Kiefer agonizes, and Audrey tells him not to do it any number of times. But he gives in and slides the recording across the floor, where it slides neatly under the cherry-picker and into Henderson's hand. Henderson stands up and fires several shots, pinning Kiefer down and drawing a startled scream from Audrey, and then he's gone.

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