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Tale of the Tape

Kiefer catches Audrey before she collapses, then lowers her to the ground, telling her to stay with him. She begs him to go after Henderson, but instead he cuts a length of hydraulic cable off a forklift and uses it as a tourniquet to tie off her slashed arm. Well, that ought to do it. "I need to move you," he tells Audrey, and heaves her up off the floor. Or at least out of the shot.

Heller places a letter of resignation on Logan's desk, saying all it needs is the President's signature. Logan let him use a computer? And Presidential stationery? Logan tries one last-ditch attempt to get out of this, saying there must be something Heller wants. "You're giving me exactly what I want," Heller says calmly. And now Vice President Gardner has joined them in the room, at 12:57:28. Gardner smiles at Heller, surprised to see him and asking what he's doing there. "I'll let President Logan tell you," Heller says. They both look at Logan expectantly. Realizing he's trapped, Logan opens his mouth to speak, but he doesn't get any further than, "Hal, I --" before his cell phone rings. Rudely, he answers it. "I've got the recording," Henderson tells him, and says he'll call back once he gets himself a ride. "Thank you," Logan says, his entire manner changing instantly. He hangs up, and Heller doesn't realize what just happened. That's why he's totally blindsided when Logan tells Gardner, "Hal, I'm asking Secretary Heller to tender his resignation and I wanted you here as a witness." Over Heller's shocked expression, Logan tells the Veep about Heller's "wild" allegations: "I don't know how he can make such an accusation without any evidence." Emphasis his. Heller angrily tells the shocked Veep that "He orchestrated a conspiracy to let terrorists acquire stolen nerve gas. He sanctioned the assassination of David Palmer! And I have the evidence." Logan asks Heller where the evidence is, and something about the way he asks it this time seems to alert Heller that the ground has shifted under him. "Who was on the phone? Who made that call?" he demands. Logan's only answer is to press a button on his desk phone and demand Heller's resignation by the next morning. Heller leans across Logan's desk and threatens, "If any harm comes to my daughter --" but now the room is full of Secret Service agents. Logan must have pressed an orange button that calls them in to stand threateningly, rather than the red one that signals them to rush in with weapons drawn and wrestle everyone to the ground, because they do the former. "Escort Secretary Heller out of my home," Logan orders them. Knowing he's beaten for now, and looking none too pleased about it, Heller leaves with them. Logan turns a glare of You want some, too? on Gardner, who just stares back at him like, Dude, what the fucking fuck!?

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