Day 5: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

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Tale of the Tape

And then the split-screen goes batshit! Logan's in the upper right corner. Kiefer's tending to Audrey in the right half. Logan is replaced by Heller leaving the premises. The bottom half is Henderson, breaking into yet another car. Audrey hollers in pain. In the bottom right, Chloe and Buchanan are making popcorn and painting each other's toenails. Extreme upper right: FLOTUS wonders what the hell happened to Aaron. Chloe and Kiefer swap windows and in the lower middle, Hayes wonders where Chloe is. Middle left: so does Slime. And then Logan's back, in the center and upper middle, looking evil. And what happens after the split-screen? Nothing. There's eight fucking windows up there; you don't come back from that, people. It's 1:00:00.

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