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Tale of the Tape

Kiefer, meanwhile, is crouched next to Wayne behind his stolen police car, weapon leveled at the silver SUV that's pulling into the vacant lot he's parked in at 12:04:53. Kiefer lowers his weapon and calls out to the driver, who turns out to be Bill Buchanan. Buchanan's got one of those all-access passes on his dashboard, I notice. Still in his suit and tie, Buchanan runs over to Kiefer, who introduces him to Wayne. "Sorry about your brother," Buchanan says, shaking Wayne's hand. Now that's an expression of sympathy I can get behind. Short and non-worshipful. Kiefer explains to Buchanan that he's once again on the run for killing Palmer, which confuses Buchanan, since they cleared Kiefer that morning. So Kiefer explains that Logan is setting him up. "He was complicit in David Palmer's assassination," Kiefer says. Buchanan looks back and forth between Kiefer and Wayne for a moment before realizing, "My God, you're serious." When is he not? Wayne gets his one line of the night as he tells Buchanan that they have a recording of a call between Logan and Henderson, and Kiefer says he needs to get the recording to Secretary of Defense Heller. In the meantime, he wants Buchanan to take Wayne somewhere safe. Not a gay bar, Buchanan, you scamp. Buchanan readily agrees, and asks where Kiefer's going to meet Heller. "Van Nuys Airport," Kiefer exposits for no reason, hopping back into his police car and driving off. I have a question: is Carl the Dead Bank Manager still in the back seat? Or in the trunk? Or did they just dump him by the side of the road somewhere? Either way, his wife is so going to sue as soon as someone unties her.

It's 12:05:56 as Heller's plane, which I'm oh-so-waggishly calling Air Force Seven, taxis toward its parking spot at Van Nuys Airport. Outside the hangar at the end of the runway, Audrey's dialing a pay phone (!!) to tell Kiefer where at the airport to meet her. He says he's on his way. Boy, is he, as we will soon see. She hangs up and turns to where her dad's plane is coasting to a stop. The stairs unfold and Heller (accompanied by two Secret Service guys in neckties and windbreakers) disembarks, all in real time -- in other words, in more time than it took me to type this sentence. That's good recappin'. Audrey meets him on the tarmac, and they embrace. "Hi, sweetheart," he says. Audrey wants to be sure his security detail is loyal to him, and he starts to get annoyed with all the secrecy. But they're interrupted by the sound of Kiefer's police car roaring onto the tarmac and screeching to a stop next to where Audrey parked. "I will tell you but only you," Audrey says, and Heller tells his guys to stay where they are while he walks with Audrey to the cars. She assures him that she'll tell him what's up in a minute. And his mood isn't improved when Kiefer hops out of his police car. Who did he expect, Elwood Blues? "Jack, what the hell are you doing here?" Heller demands, calling him a fugitive. Kiefer and Audrey both insist that Kiefer is innocent, but Heller isn't impressed with Kiefer's behavior. Kiefer says he's being set up, and that he wants to show Heller something privately inside the building. Heller scowls fiercely, but he and Audrey follow Kiefer into the hangar at 12:08:36. Don't ask me how he knew it was unlocked.

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