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Tale of the Tape

12:15:53. There's a meeting going on in the CTU Situation Room, and Chloe's not in it. We can not only see this, but hear it, as Chloe bitches at some random about how she should be in the meeting. Then the briefing lets out, and we see that one of the attendees was New Girl Shari, whom Chloe immediately buttonholes and starts grilling about what the meeting was regarding. She even tells Shari she's a bad liar for making up some innocuous cover story. Shari's like, "Maybe you were excluded for a reason, ass," which is enough for Chloe to conclude that the meeting was about Chloe. More specifically, about Chloe being under suspicion for helping Audrey. Shari chafes under the questioning, and as Chloe leans in and reminds her of her help with Slime, we see that Slime and Hayes are still in the Situation Room, listening in on the conversation. So they put a wire on Shari? Inside the building? Damn, they're sneaky. Shari tells Chloe, "Miles found Audrey...that's what the briefing was about. They sent a Tac team ten minutes ago." Chloe storms off as Shari begs her not to say it came from her. What Chloe doesn't know is that Shari's a better liar than she lets on.

Hayes and Miles are looking rather pleased with themselves, and even more so when Chloe schlumps back to her desk and picks up her phone to dial it. It's 12:17:34 as the airport pay phone next to Audrey's parked car starts ringing. And Slime is busily tracing the call from his laptop in the Situation Room, taking the time to technobabble a little respect for Chloe's 733t h4x0r ski11z. Not that they're going to stop him from tracing the call. The phone keeps ringing, since there's no one there to pick it up, and Slime has time to narrow the location down not just to Van Nuys Airport, but the exact runway. Hayes is already on the phone sending out the Tac team to that location.

And for some reason that Tac team has to cross the CTU floor in full armor on its way out, because they don't have their own exit or something. In any case, they have to take this route, because Chloe has to spot them and get confused. By the way, none of those Tac team guys is Curtis, whom we haven't seen since Kiefer handed off the unconscious Bierko to him a couple of hours ago. So he either got fired with everyone else or he's hiding out to charge up his luck-batteries. Chloe hangs up her phone and goes over to Shari, wondering why she said the Tac team was sent ten minutes ago when they're clearly just leaving now. Shari just sits there catching flies, and Chloe notices that uniformed security guards are on their way across the floor to her right now. And that's when she realizes what's going on: "Miles set me up! And you helped!" she accuses. Except I'm not sure it's still "setting up" if you actually did it. Shari protests that Slime said Chloe's working against them. "Miles is an idiot!" Chloe snaps. "If anyone should know that it should be you." The guards have arrived now, and they lead Chloe away. Oh, come on, guys. Let her hang around and bitch about Slime some more.

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