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Tale of the Tape

Hayes is already on the phone with Logan with word of this latest development, reminding him that although this may be a break, they're still not sure that Audrey's helping Kiefer. "We'll find out soon enough," Logan says with uncharacteristic equanimity, and says he'll have the military follow up. Hayes is more confused than ever as she protests that she's already sent out a Tac team. "Call them back," Logan quickly orders, and goes into a convoluted yet still totally vague explanation as to how Kiefer is a "sensitive problem. There are political ramifications. I've decided to handle him directly." And then he small-talks that Hayes is probably busy with the transition to Homeland Security anyway, but she's too confused to be jollied. "I'll recall my team," is all she says, and hangs up. Clearly concerned, she relays Logan's orders to Slime. "He's the President," says Slime. "He can do what he wants." Yeah, I think that's exactly what it says in the Constitution. Well, depending on whom you ask. Hayes just looks at him like, Well, aren't you just a big, steaming pile of no help at all?

Logan is already calling Henderson. "CTU thinks they've found Bauer," he says. Henderson asks where.

Why, here! Confined to a little storage room at Van Nuys Airport, Jack and Audrey are sitting on the floor with their cuffed wrists wrapped around a support column. Audrey wonders if maybe her dad isn't right, but Kiefer scoffs: "These people brokered chemical weapons to terrorists. They've killed an ex-President of the United States. Logan's not going to make a deal with your father, and even if he did, he wouldn't keep it. Henderson wouldn't let him." He worries that Heller's just going to get himself killed. Wow, thanks, Danny Downer.

At CTU, Hayes is on the phone with Mike Novick, asking what's going on with Logan and his crazy-ass orders. Novick offers to find out, understating, "I've been on other things." Which would sort of explain why he hasn't been in the last two or three episodes. After Hayes hangs up, Novick switches channels on his phone, and now there's a Fox News broadcast on the phone's screen, with his boss speechifying up at him about the curfew. Nice phone, dude. Does it also get news channels? He snaps it shut and knocks on the closed door of the nearest office. From inside, the voice of Vice President Gardner invites him in. Novick enters at 12:20:52 just as Gardner's wrapping up a phone call. After hanging up, he tells Novick that David Palmer's body is being flown back to Washington, D.C. at 7:00 AM and that he and Logan both want to be there when the coffin is loaded onto the plane. And Gardner will probably also want to ask Wayne why he lied about the time of the flight. Novick asks Gardner if he knows about Logan's decision to call CTU off of Kiefer, and says it doesn't make sense. "Karen's teams are closer, they can do it more efficiently, and Bauer's more likely to cooperate with them than with a group of military police he doesn't know." Gardner points out that CTU is still in transition mode, but the military is already in place. Novick says the military's busy, too, and Gardner gives up: "It's the president's call. I can see it both ways." So now Gardner's suddenly all "he's the boss" about Logan? I have to say, not being a red herring anymore sure makes people a lot nicer on this show. They exchange nods, and Novick leaves the Veep to his next phone call. As for Novick's next phone call, it's to someone named General Warren.

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