Day 5: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

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Tale of the Tape

It's 12:33:22, and Logan is "resting" by staring out the window of his office. FLOTUS comes in, asking him to come to bed. Looks like POTUS is getting some. He promises to be there soon, and his desk phone rings just as she kisses him goodnight. She's on her way out the door, but stops when she hears the receptionist's voice on the speakerphone saying that Secretary Heller is on the line and insisting that he speak to the President immediately. Logan exchanges a look with his wife, then picks up the handset to accept the call.

Heller is driving someone's car, but not Audrey's, because her vehicle is still parked at Van Nuys Airport. Which must have the most efficient car rental counter in the state. Heller tells Logan that he wants to see him in person, and Logan is surprised to hear that Heller's in Los Angeles. Logan asks what it's about, and Heller just says, "I'll be there shortly and we can discuss it then." "I don't like your tone, James," Logan warns, as FLOTUS looks concerned. "In case you've forgotten, you're addressing the President of the United States." It's so awesome how he has to keep telling people that every ten minutes. That would be the best part about being President, you know? Heller simply answers, "I know who I'm addressing. And I think you know exactly what this is about." Heller says he'll be there in five minutes, and Logan "Fine"s and hangs up. FLOTUS asks what Heller wants, and Logan quickly makes up something about the Joint Chiefs bitching over the decision to maintain martial law. "You would think these people would show some allegiance," he whines. She leaves again, and he promises to come to bed as soon as he's done. Because that was such an attractive moment for him just now.

He waits until she's good and gone this time, then whips out his cell phone and calls Henderson. That gentleman has already assembled his third team of disposable henchmen in as many hours. It's like the fuckers come out of a vending machine. They're about to board a helicopter to take them to the airport. He tells Logan they'll be there in ten minutes, but Logan says they might not have that much time, since Heller's on his way now. "Jack got to him," Henderson quickly assesses. Logan wants to know what happens if Kiefer gave Heller the recording, and Henderson is confident that Heller doesn't have it on him. "Without it, whatever he knows, or whatever he thinks he knows, won't matter." Hey, Henderson, you ever read a political blog? Try it some time. It'll blow your mind. He's sure Kiefer still has the recording. Logan says he'll stall Heller, but he wants Henderson to call the second he's retrieved the recording. They hang up, and Henderson's team goes airborne. Let's hope he's more careful with this one. It's 12:36:17.

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