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Tale of the Tape

Commercials. Apparently UPS is using tesseracts now. Which would explain a lot.

12:40:32. FLOTUS is closing the shades in the FLOTUSuite when she looks through the window and sees Secretary Heller being led into the compound by a Secret Service detail. She thinks briefly about the possible hidden significance of this, and heads out into the hallway. Conveniently enough, Aaron is stationed out there. At a look from her, he dismisses the other agent, and FLOTUS approaches to ask why Heller's there. Aaron says he doesn't know, which is probably true in the technical sense, but FLOTUS doesn't let it drop. She gets right up next to him and tries to close-talk him into spilling what he knows. Aaron glances over at Heller, waiting in the very next room, and mumbles, "Not here." He tells her to meet him in a couple of minutes outside the south stable. FLOTUS ducks back into her suite, trying to pretend not to be excited at all this cloak-and-dagger crap. And failing.

Logan comes into the room where Heller is waiting, greeting him as "James." You remember that President Keeler called him "Jim," so obviously these two aren't as close. Stone-faced, Heller stands to "greet" the president. Logan dismisses the Secret Service guys, but when sticks out his hand, Heller just keeps holding his coat with both hands. He gets right to it: "I know what you did. I know what you're doing. And I'm here to put a stop to it." Logan tries to play dumb, telling Heller to be more specific, and Heller's only too happy to oblige, loud and clear: "You are responsible for the murder of David Palmer." Well, that's specific, all right. Heller says he heard the recording that proves that Henderson was working for Logan when he had Palmer killed. Trying not to give anything away, Logan asks where the recording is now. "It's in a safe place," Heller exaggerates, and says that Logan knows what he said, as does Heller. "It's burned into my memory." You can tell Devane's kind of embarrassed to have to say that. Logan starts to crack: "How dare you stand there and judge me? You have no idea until you sit in my chair." "Your chair is not a throne, Charles," Heller op-eds. Logan says he's protecting the country's interests, i.e. oil: "We'll see how you judge me when the cost of oil goes up over $100 a barrel and the people who put me in office can't afford to heat their homes or run their cars!" Heller doesn't bother pointing out that technically speaking, the people who put Logan in office got killed not long after shooting down President Keeler's plane last season. He simply grits, "And you think that justifies the blood on your hands?" Touché. Logan asks what Heller wants. Heller starts small: drop the charges against Kiefer, "and leave my daughter alone." Oh, and one other thing: he wants Logan to announce his resignation by the next morning. He says Logan can blame it on stress, or whatever he wants. If that happens, "the recording will be kept under lock and key, and this will remain between us." Well, and Kiefer, and Audrey, and Henderson, and Wayne Palmer, and Chloe, and Buchanan, and New Girl Shari, and so on. Heller tells Logan to call in Gardner to receive his letter of resignation. Logan looks trapped.

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