Day 5: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

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At 2:45:28, Slime pissily goes off into a hallway, dialing his cell phone. When an operator answers, he gives his name and passcode, and asks to be put through to Novick.

Over at Not Camp David, Novick answers his cell phone. Slime tells a bored and irritated Novick the whole story of Buchanan's recent misdeeds and Hayes's response to them. Tattletale. Novick cares nothing for what Slime has to say. In fact, he seems to care a negative amount. "Your concern is duly noted, Miles," Novick lies. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see the President." He hangs up on Slime, who stands there looking pissy. I may regret not recapping this apparent filler scene in more detail later on. I'll worry about it when the time comes. If it does. Slime goes back to his workstation and puts on a headset.

Back in Holding, Buchanan is ready to start talking. "Karen --" he says, only to be harshly told, "Shut up, Bill." Wow, that's totally the opposite of what usually goes on in here. Hayes turns and does something on the computer in the room, and a moment later we see that Slime's monitor -- which until now was showing an image of the holding room -- goes blank. Thwarted again!

Hayes tells Buchanan that they're offline. Even so, they argue a little bit before getting down to business. Hayes, her hair starting to come loose, says she's talked to Chloe, and that Kiefer is busy searching the passengers on board the plane, which he's only got fifteen minutes to accomplish before landing. Buchanan says it's impossible to search over fifty passengers in that amount of time. But before Hayes can respond, she's got to answer a phone call from Logan and Novick.

It's 2:48:12 in the Not Camp David Situation Room. Logan asks what's up with Kiefer. Hayes lies that they don't know much yet, and Logan insists that Kiefer's seeking safe passage out of the country, now that he's a Federal fugitive and all. "We need to take him down now, dead or alive." Novick is looking at his boss like he's lost his damn mind, again, some more. Logan yells down the speakerphone, "When [the plane] lands, I want my Secret Service detail to take him into custody, is that clear?" Hayes gives Buchanan a horrified look; it's just as she predicted. But she acknowledges the order and hangs up. In the silence, Buchanan tells her, "The President has had knowledge of everything that's happened today." He says they have to buy Kiefer more time. Hayes says her hands are tied.

Back at Not Camp David, Novick confesses to Logan that he's still confused: "Jack Bauer has been on the right side of everything that's happened today, right up until now." Both men drink, then Logan points out that Kiefer has hijacked an airplane. "This man is not stupid. He's appeared to do the right thing. But right now, he's backed into a corner. He's desperate. Bauer's lied to us all day. He's played us all for fools." Um, are we still talking about Kiefer? It's 2:49:47.

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