Day 5: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

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High Jack

2:43:32. Logan is getting briefed by speakerphone about the situation on the plane. Right here is where I predict that he's going to haul off and have the plane shot down. I am wrong. For now. He says he wants constant updates, and hangs up. And then he pulls out his cell phone to make a sneaky call to Graham. Graham wonders about the relevance of this news -- in fact, he says, "So what?" which you don't often get to hear people say to the President on TV, and Logan says, "Jack Bauer's the hijacker." He explains to Graham that Kiefer's after the recording. "Then you shouldn't be wasting time talking to me," Graham duhs. "Order the plane down and grab Bauer before he can hurt us." With an insolent flick of his Bluetooth, Graham disconnects the call. Do they really click like that? I'd imagine that would be really loud right in your ear.

Chloe's on the phone with Hayes, explaining that Kiefer isn't technically committing a hijacking: "He has control of the cabin. The pilot is landing the plane." So really, all he's doing is kidnapping people who can't leave anyway. Aside from the gun, it's not really so different from that time Northwest made me sit and stew on the tarmac at Minneapolis-St. Paul International for an hour and a half. Hayes asks about the recording, and Chloe says, "There's no guarantee he'll find it before the plane lands." Hayes assesses that if Kiefer runs out of time, that's the ball game: "The President will have his people arrest Jack at the airport and isolate him." Actually, I'd say that's an optimistic prediction. Through the glass wall of her office, Hayes notices that its former occupant is being brought onto the CTU floor in handcuffs. She rings off, telling Chloe to keep helping Kiefer, and heads out to the floor.

But Slime meets Buchanan first. Flanked by agents and back in his dress shirt (untucked) and suit jacket (also untucked, because otherwise it would be weird), Buchanan faces Slime defiantly. Slime demands to know what Kiefer's doing on the plane, and Buchanan says, "You have no idea what you're dealing with, you little ass-kisser." Dude, Buchanan needs a nap. Hayes appears at Slime's side, saying, "You don't talk to my people like that, Bill. Take him to Holding." Buchanan is taken to Holding. Slime grumbles to Hayes, "No wonder CTU fell apart under that guy," making sure he says it loud enough for Buchanan to hear. Hayes tells Slime that she'll take it from here, and heads off toward Holding her own self.

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