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We still have Logan to kick around

Up in the airliner cockpit, the horizon is back in front where it belongs. Kiefer yells at Evans to lower the landing gear, disregarding the warning that they're going too fast. Under the circumstances, wouldn't anything that slows them down be a good thing? The F-18 pilot notices and reports this development, just before Chloe announces that the fighter jet is in missile range. And the F-18 has a lock. The Admiral, noticing that the airliner is "in a landing profile," recommends to Logan that they abort the strike. "What?" Logan demands, furiously. "I want that plane shot down! Order your man to fire, now!" Novick yells at Logan that the Admiral is right: "I implore you to reconsider [you fucking asshole]!" The Admiral asks for Logan's orders, and after a long pause, Logan says, "Abort." The Admiral relays the order to the pilot, and Logan angrily tells Novick to have the Marine units in the area cordon off the landing site and nab Kiefer as soon as he's on the ground. Novick scurries off to comply.

"Five hundred feet!" Kiefer tells Evans, who responds, "We're not gonna make it." Because he's Evans. Kiefer's too busy hauling back on the control yoke to argue.

Driving down the highway, Curtis spots the plane coming in low and hot, but it looks a lot more level than it should given the view from the cockpit. He calls CTU to let them know.

Kiefer relinquishes control to Evans. "Touch us down!" he orders. Evans Evanses that they're going too fast. I don't blame him for being leery of landing after a panicked approach like the one they just had to execute, but it's not like the F-18 is going to let them circle around and try again. "Touch us down!" Kiefer roars. His fury is such that it raises the stall speed of a 727! Mere physics bows before the Velvet! There's an impressive external shot of the plane buzzing the first overpass, so close that the camera on the ground shakes. Those CGI pixels must be motoring. Evans sets the plane down hard on the freeway. Luggage starts falling out of the overhead bins in back. The F-18 reports that the plane has touched down, and peels off to return to base in a disorienting point-of-view shot that for a second makes it look like Kiefer's plane is rolling into the ditch. But it's not. Yet. Now Evans still has to get the plane stopped before the next overpass, and it doesn't look good. Smoke pours from the landing gear tires, and it looks like it's only a question of whether the bridge supports will shear off the wings and ignite the tanks full of enough jet fuel to reach Frankfurt (fuel which Evans probably should have jettisoned a long time ago), or whether the wings will slice through the support columns and bring the bridge deck crashing down on the plane. But thanks to the magic of CGI and some highly suspicious editing, Evans manages to bring the plane to a stop with just feet to spare. Kiefer and Evans both pant in relief. I'm glad to say that in all my years of flying, I've never experienced a landing that rough. Even in bad weather, with wicked crosswinds and pitch dark and snow and the tires bouncing on the tarmac, I always say to Trash: "Any landing you walk away from is a good one." She fucking hates that.

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