Day 5: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

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We still have Logan to kick around

It's 3:32:06 when she reaches Slime, sitting out on the floor. Not on the actual floor, but in a chair. This isn't American Idol, after all. He's acting all pouty, like Hayes poisoned his spider or something. They have a little pissing match, which Slime wins, and Hayes leads him to a private corridor. Valerie watches them go, all suspicious-like.

Once they're alone, Hayes is brief: "Jack Bauer has acquired evidence implicating President Logan in David Palmer's death." She explains about the recording, and Logan's hinky actions of the past three hours, but Slime isn't impressed: "You're working against the most powerful man in the world and you haven't actually heard the evidence?" Like that stops bloggers. Hayes gets pissed, saying this is why she didn't tell Slime before. Slime asks, if Kiefer is right, is Hayes going to arrest the President of the United States? Hayes says that's up to the Attorney General. Before Slime can get more than a few words into his protest, Valerie appears out of nowhere to notify Hayes that Bierko is ready to be moved. Slime turns away from Hayes guiltily, his arms folded, like they'd been making out or something. Once Valerie's gone, Hayes says that everything rests on the recording. After a pause, Slime softly says, "Tell me what you need." Hayes says Kiefer's on his way, and right now the only thing she can ask of Slime is that he keep things running on the floor, while keeping this news under his hat. Slime agrees. Aw, maybe I was wrong about him.

Bierko's being led through CTU at 3:34:46. His suit's gone, and his new look is a set of dark blue surgical scrubs. His outfit is accessorized with a large and bloody face-bandage where his head hit the roof of his police car, handcuffs, leg-irons, and an envelope of about forty armored Tactical CTU agents. Hayes brings the little entourage to a stop with a raised hand so she can sign him out. As she does so, the lead agent reports, "We have a full tactical complement, enhanced ordnance package, two-vehicle escort." Which means it may take as long as a full minute for the bad guys to wipe them out. Hayes tells Bierko that he's being transferred to a "primary holding facility" at District Headquarters. "Let me know the second he arrives," she tells the lead agent, and they're on their way. Bierko turns his head to hold eye contact with Hayes as he's frog-marched past her, but the only thing that comes out of his mouth is a gob of spit that hits the floor. Hayes somehow manages to suppress a shiver. We track Bierko's progress through the building, all the way into the back of a black CTU van. The driver is looking back it Bierko, who nods at him. The driver returns the nod. Uh-oh. That looked like some secret terrorist signal that meant something like, We're on or Proceed as planned or This time of night, best steer clear of Sepulveda. The convoy moves out, ominously. It's 3:36:12.

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