Day 5: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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Now That's Hospitality

It's 3:54:22 at Not Camp David as Novick rejoins the Logans. "President Suvarov's waiting," he says softly, and goes outside, leaving them alone for a moment. Logan tries to talk to his wife, who's behaving quite coldly now. He expresses his hope that CTU will find the canisters before the Suvarovs leave, because he has no way of knowing that CTU is currently ankle-deep in McGill's urine. FLOTUS says she understands, even though she obviously hates them both right now. Novick sticks his head back inside to hurry things along, and Logan coaxes his wife towards the door.

Outside, President Suvarov is standing next to his wife and thanking the Logan's staff. "Your President is fortunate to have such talented people working for him," he smarms, and they disperse. The President is fortunate if he's ever exchanged two words with these "talented people," I say. The Logans join them, and Suvarov thanks Logan effusively for his "hospitality." I hope they're under an overhang of some sort, or Bierko's going to be pretty pissed when his big symbolic target ends up getting killed in a rain of anvils. FLOTUS is clearly distracted by the sound of Walt's cell phone -- which is back in Novick's possession -- ringing. Novick wanders off to take the call privately while her husband continues glad-handing the Suvarovs. Mrs. Suvarov thanks FLOTUS for her kindness, Suvarov compliments Logan on his "brilliant" handling of the airport situation earlier, Logan thanks Suvarov for his support, and it's all about to turn into a big heads-of-state-and-wives orgy right there on the lawn. Suvarov asks Logan, "Have there been...further developments?" Logan stares blankly into Suvarov's weird little squished-in face before baldly lying to it that everything's under control. Logan shepherds them towards the area where the photographers are waiting. Novick stays behind, giving Suvarov's motorcade route to Bierko over the phone. So I guess he's come around on that. As the Logans lag behind the Suvarovs, FLOTUS looks like she's about to scream or bolt, but Logan tells her to hold it together. Maybe her crazy pills are wearing off; it's been at least five or six hours since she took one.

At his bunker, Bierko gets off the phone. He goes to where his men are gathered around a map of Los Angeles spread out on a table and says, "Tell our people, this is where I want them to strike." He draws an "X" through a circle that's already there. And as he shrinks up into a split-screen window, he goes in again with the pen, probably adding his initials, and then a couple of stick figure guys with guns, and a little cartoon of Suvarov (if that's not redundant) with its head getting blown open. In other split-screen windows, Curtis arrives back at CTU, presumably having had to catch a cab; Buchanan cools his heels in holding; and Kiefer drives Curtis's CTUmobile to La Cañada, where his old buddy Christopher Henderson may or may not be happy to see him.

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