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At Not Camp David, the Presidents are shaking hands some more for the photographers, while their wives look on from a distance. Let's hope for Logan's sake that nobody snaps a shot of FLOTUS looking like she's trying not to crap her pants; that could be awkward in any future investigation of the attack on Suvarov. Aaron the Secret Service agent arrives to break up the little party, and the Suvarovs head toward their limo. At 3:58:02, Logan takes FLOTUS's hand and leads her along behind them as she quietly begs him to stop this while there's still time. His efforts to shut her down are interrupted when an aide comes up to tell Logan that McGill is calling from CTU, asking to speak directly to Logan. Can't wait to hear that update: "Mr. President, we're no closer to finding the nerve gas, but you'll be glad to hear that everyone here hates me more than ever." Logan reaches the Suvarovs, bids them a final (potentially really final) goodbye alongside their limo, and walks off without looking back. Which is pretty cold, considering that a call from McGill would be a good excuse to hedge his bets for a minute or so. He doesn't even spare a glance at his wife, who's still standing there looking desperate. But then she has an idea. I would almost call it a terrible, wonderful idea, I'm so ambivalent about it. Just as Aaron is about to close the limo door with the Suvarovs inside, FLOTUS stops him. "Aaron," she announces, "I've decided to drive to the airport with the Suvarovs. You can have a car follow us." Now, that's thinking outside the box. She's gambling that once Logan finds out she's with the Suvarovs, even he won't be enough of a puss to let her get killed along with them. She is of course discounting the perspective that her death will solve an entirely different set of problems for him. Oblivious to all of this, Aaron protests that they don't have the staff, but seeing that FLOTUS isn't wavering, he offers, "I'll ride up front." FLOTUS tries to tell him that that isn't necessary, but he just Aarons, "Yes it is." Aaron needs to decide if he's in charge of Logan or his wife, because I don't think this sharing thing is going to work out. FLOTUS clearly doesn't want Aaron to follow her into certain death, but she doesn't want to give away too much. And besides, the guy's got to earn his $22,000 a year somehow, right? "Would you tell my husband where I am?" she asks him before getting into the car. Aaron nods and closes the door behind her.

Inside, she tells the Suvarovs, "I hope you don't mind if I accompany you." The Suvarovs hilariously look at her, and then each other, like they actually kind of do mind because they were about to reenact their favorite scene from No Way Out (dude's name is Yuri and everything), but what are they going to say? "This way we'll have more time to talk," FLOTUS says. Mrs. Suvarov acts like she's happy about this. From up front, Aaron says that Logan is being briefed by CTU, but Aaron's leaving a message. FLOTUS thanks him, and the motorcade -- with its American flags fluttering from the car hoods -- is on the move, out of Not Camp David, on its way to Not Alive Anymore. Bierko watches Fox News's live coverage of the motorcade's departure, but it's not clear whether he was able to see FLOTUS getting into one of the cars. And even if he did, whether he recognized her. I mean, come on, any Americans here who could pick Svetlana Putin out of a line-up? I didn't think so. It's 4:00:00.

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