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In another example of conversation avoidance, McGill's junkie sister and her loser boyfriend are listening to a message that McGill is leaving on their answering machine from his stolen office, begging for his keycard back. McGill doesn't appear to win any points with the loser boyfriend when he uses the phrase "loser boyfriend." McSibling wants to give the keycard back, but Loser Boyfriend roughly insists that he'll handle it. Maybe he doesn't like being called Loser Boyfriend. Perhaps I should call him Mr. Loser Boyfriend. It's moot anyway, because this is the last we'll see of them tonight. Not that I'm sad about that.

McGill's cell phone, which looks more like a TV remote, rings on his stolen desk moments later. He's all excited that it might be his sister ready to give back the keycard, but instead he hears those five words that sooner or later make every CTU boss want to crawl up his or her own asshole: "Please hold for the President." Logan is quickly on the line, demanding an update. McGill has to tell him that the terrorist they were following "took his own life before he could be apprehended." Logan loses it, and yells at McGill for not letting the mall attack proceed, "as I agreed to let you do." Novick is watching Logan tune up on McGill with that expression he always gets whenever he wants to intervene on behalf of Logan's victim, but doesn't want to get his own big, bald head twisted off. McGill starts to say something, but when he opens his mouth, all that comes out is one of Logan's shoes, which came off in McGill's ass a moment ago. "Stop making excuses," Logan snaps. "Take responsibility and do your job." And with that he hangs up. It's 3:06:12 as McGill tosses his phone on his desk, looking miserable. And then he suddenly remembers what direction shit rolls in, and leaves his stolen office filled with new energy.

Buchanan's running yet another briefing in the Situation Room when McGill stomps in and stands there at the side of the room, looming like a dangerous but very short storm cloud. Buchanan quickly picks up on McGill's foul mood, which he tries to soften with a little procedural-ese, but McGill would rather be pissy: "If Jack Bauer would have followed orders and maintained his cover we'd have intercepted these people." It's worth mentioning that now that McGill's caught up in his little Napoleonic vendetta, he's not going to bring up the search for the canisters again for the rest of the hour. Way to keep your focus there, champ. Audrey pipes up to disagree with McGill, and then there's a brief replay of last hour's argument about the merits of letting the mall attack go ahead or not. "Why does she keep defending Bauer?" McGill finally snaps at Buchanan. When nobody speaks up, McGill orders Kiefer taken into custody. "I want him held responsible for what's happened," he bitches. Yeah, that'll help find the nerve gas. Buchanan points out that it's a mistake to take Kiefer out of the field, and that he was authorized by the President. But McGill won't be deterred, and he blusters out of the room demanding progress reports in ten minutes. Everyone's like, Whoa, who opened an umbrella up his ass? One clue is that the umbrella has the Presidential seal on it. Buchanan tells the room, "It's all right. We're all under a lot of pressure." Nobody points out that they're not all jumping up and down and screaming like Donald Duck on Rage. Buchanan dismisses the meeting, and everyone except Audrey gets up and leaves as Buchanan picks up the conference phone on the table.

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