Day 5: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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At 3:18:24, McGill gets a phone call in his stolen office. It's Curtis, reporting that Kiefer has escaped, and has shut down the transceiver on board the hijacked CTUmobile, making it impossible to track. McGill is puzzled as to how this happened, although he throws a suspicious glance through his stolen glass wall down towards Audrey on the CTU floor when Curtis says Kiefer claimed his last call was from her. Curtis is rather amusingly humiliated at having this happen to him, and I can't blame him. This latest failure catches up to McGill, and he's getting pissed off all over again as he orders Curtis back to CTU and hangs up the phone. "Dammit!" he curses in frustration. At 3:19:28, he heads down to the floor and orders Chloe to triangulate the location of Kiefer's cell phone. And then he goes over to where Audrey is working on her computer and asks if she's talked to Kiefer since he's been in custody. "No," Audrey lies, and McGill informs her that Kiefer has busted loose. "Why would he do that?" Audrey asks. "Maybe you can tell me," McGill says, in what he thinks is a "scary boss" voice. Audrey rather warmly insists that she doesn't know what Kiefer's up to, "but I'm sure there's an explanation." With that, Chloe calls over to report that Kiefer's phone isn't emitting a locator signal. Which leaves Audrey as McGill's only lead. But all he can think of to say to her is, "If you think of anything, you'll let me know." Good to know that McGill's on the case. Why waste time looking for the terrorists with the chemical weapon when you can look for the guy who's looking for the terrorists with the chemical weapon?

Audrey nods at McGill, but no sooner is he out of earshot than she picks up her phone and dials Chloe, who's sitting twenty feet away. Audrey opens the conversation by saying that what she's about to tell her regarding Kiefer is to be kept secret (and we all know how great Chloe is at that). Not a second too soon, because a priority bulleting notifying Chloe of Kiefer's disappearance has just popped up on her screen. Wow, McGill got that out fast; he's not even back in his office yet. Audrey tells Chloe that Kiefer's working a lead alone, and that she needs Chloe to delete the record of the call she just transferred to Kiefer a few minutes ago. As we see McGill arriving back in his office in a split-screen window, Chloe frets about him busting them. But because it's for Kiefer, she's already opening the window on her system to fulfill Audrey's request.

Meanwhile, McGill picks up his stolen desk phone off his stolen desk and dials. At first I think he's calling Chloe, but he actually reaches another person at CTU who works with computers (not Edgar, surprisingly, who has no lines this hour) and asks to have the phone records from Audrey's workstation sent up to his screen immediately.

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