Day 5: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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Down on the floor, Chloe has already pulled up the records, and quickly determines that she can't delete just the one call to Kiefer for some reason.

Office. McGill already has the phone logs for all of CTU up on his screen, and it's only a matter of scrolling through until he gets to Audrey's phone at station five.

Floor. Chloe tells Audrey that the only way to get rid of the call in less than two hours is to delete every call from that station for the whole day. Audrey looks up at McGill, who's looking intently at his monitor, and tells Chloe, "Do it." Chloe does it, and a close-up of her monitor shows the window going blank and disappearing from her screen.

Office. A slick edit shows the same window disappearing from McGill's screen a second later. If you look quickly, you can see Jack Bauer's name highlighted on one line, but it's not clear whether McGill looked quickly enough before it vanished. McGill looks around in suspicious befuddlement. I don't know why, but this show is always at its most suspenseful not when countless lives are at stake or Kiefer's got a gun to his head, but when somebody's just plain trying not to get busted.

"It's done," Chloe tells Audrey. Audrey thanks her and hangs up, then goes back to work, probably completely aware that through the glass wall above her, McGill is now staring holes into her back.

It's 3:21:47, and for once we find Logan actually doing something. Specifically, he's watching TV. Hey, at least it's better than staring out the window. He's watching fake cable news coverage of that morning's treaty signing, so this must be the slowest news day ever shown on 24. Novick comes in and closes the door behind him, carrying a cell phone in both hands like he's trying to prevent it from exploding. As Logan mutes the TV, Novick quietly says there's a call Logan needs to take, and it's coming in on Walt Cummings's phone. The caller is claiming to be in possession of the nerve gas, Novick says, and he's demanding to speak to Logan. Logan doesn't want to take the call (which Novick says in untraceable), because he's a coward and a weasel, but Novick insists. Finally Logan screws up the courage to talk to the guy, although he insists that Novick put the phone on speaker, to protect him from the big bad terrorist who's not even connected to him via a wire. Novick does, missing a great comic opportunity by failing to mistakenly hang up on the caller.

Who turns out to be none other than Bierko. We're not supposed to know this yet, but Bierko's first name is Vladimir. Vladimir Bierko. Now that's a cool name. It's a shame he had to become a terrorist. With a name like that, he could have been an entrepreneur. And his company, of course, would be called VladimirKo. Which is probably what I'm going to end up calling his little terror operation anyway. Consider yourself informed. Logan asks if he's talking to Erwich, and Bierko smoothly explains that Erwich is "no longer with us." He adds that the mall attack was "unsanctioned and unwarranted. It didn't suit our interests." Logan wonders what Bierko wants aside from the chance to apologize, and Bierko says he wants to use the nerve gas on Russia. But since that option is closed off to him now, he'll settle for attacking the Russian president while they both happen to be in town. And so he demands from Logan President Suvarov's route to the airport from Not Camp David, as well as a profile of the motorcade's security detail. Logan's face falls in shock, and Novick rubs his head miserably. "I don't personally have that information," Logan weasels, instead of flatly refusing to supply it. Bierko says that although he doesn't want to hurt Americans, he'll do a lot more damage than was done in the mall if Logan doesn't comply. "That would be senseless murder," Logan tries to reason. Bierko agrees, and again insists on being supplied the info. Logan tries to hedge, but he even sucks at that; Bierko just gives him fifteen minutes to get the information and then hangs up. Great stalling, Chuck.

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