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At CTU, Buchanan finds Audrey and tells her he just got a McGrilling. "About you and Jack," he explains. He tells her that McGill suspects Audrey of having something to do with Kiefer's escape. Her expression couldn't look any more busted if Buchanan had impaled her to the wall with a letter opener. "Did you?" Buchanan asks her unnecessarily. "Not exactly," Audrey says, which is true in the sense that she didn't knock Curtis out and steal his car. Buchanan takes her aside, and she confides about Nathanson's call to her from "about twenty minutes ago." I just wanted to be sure I noted that, because I think it's the only stated interval of time that's actually correct in this whole episode. Buchanan's not happy that this is the first he's hearing of Kiefer's little project, or that Kiefer is meeting Nathanson without backup, but he keeps his voice down as he asks who else knows. Audrey says only Chloe: "She helped me cover the call from Lynn." And she'll be thrilled that you shared that with Buchanan, I'm sure.

Just then, McGill's voice calls Audrey's name from across the room. She and Buchanan quickly and smoothly drop into a completely innocuous conversation, Buchanan even going so far as to don his glasses to look at the document Audrey's pretending to show him. So I guess he's in on it now, too. McGill says he wants to go over some DoD protocols with Audrey, and he wants to do it right there at her station, starting right now. Audrey freezes. "Unless you have a problem working with me on this," McGill adds, less neutrally than he probably intends. Once again forgetting that McGill isn't actually her boss, Audrey agrees. Buchanan makes himself scarce before he has to lie some more.

It's 3:33:05, and Nathanson is riding the world's slowest freight elevator towards the roof. Over their open cell phone line, Kiefer tells him, "You need to get out of there now, you're cornered." What I want to know is why Kiefer is always telling Chloe to send him schematics of places when obviously he carries the blueprints of every building in Los Angeles around in his head. Nathanson hits the button for the next floor and bails out, running across what looks like a middle floor of an abandoned warehouse. CTU really needs to get the city to knock these kinds of places down already. Elsewhere on the floor, a single goon with an assault rifle is slowly making his way across the huge, empty room, until he gets a bullet in the back from Nathanson, who had been staying out of sight. Nathanson tucks his handgun in his waistband and efficiently loots the corpse of its assault rifle and handgun before heading for the exit. But there are two other goons on the floor as well, who start shooting before he can get away. For an ex-CIA guy, Nathanson isn't so great at staying hidden or providing himself covering fire as he runs, but by sheer luck he manages to make it to the stairs and head up. "Bauer, where are you?" he hollers into his phone. Kiefer, climbing a staircase of his own, tells him to keep moving. Did you know the actor who plays Nathanson used to be on a show called Forever Knight, where he played a vampire cop or something? I'm having trouble imagining that.

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