Day 5: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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I Won't Be Your Father Figure

It's 4:47:17 as the terrorists lie in wait on rooftops over the empty streets. The motorcade is just coming into their sight as Aaron, in the front seat of the Suvarovs' limo, gets a call. His reaction is immediate. "Protocol red," he cries into his shirt cuff, then rolls down the partition and tells the bigwigs in back that they're turning around due to a threat. "Hold on tight," he says. There's so much force behind the words that his mouth nearly opens.

The motorcycles at the front of the motorcade start to hang a U-turn, prompting one of the terrorists to open fire with his assault rifle before they can get away. Both cyclists go down as Aaron calls for backup. Terrorists come out of the woodwork, and the agents in the lead car hop out to return fire. They don't last long, though. And it gets worse when the guy with the bazooka fires, blowing up the front end of the Suvarovs' limo and knocking Aaron unconscious. He's lucky that he already kind of looks like a burn victim.

Chloe's on top of it at CTU as the explosion shows up on her satellite screen. "The motorcade's been hit!" she reports. I hope there's a live feed of that in McGill's cell.

Terrorists approach the Suvarovs' car and try to open it. Naturally, it's locked, so one of the guys empties his machine gun into the door. Which is, naturally, bulletproof. But they had the foresight to bring a guy with a flamethrower, who starts trying to cook them alive inside the vehicle. The screaming from the back brings Aaron around. Staying low, he flings his door open between flame bursts, leans out, and takes out both guys attacking the limo with deadly-accurate shots from his service weapon. Flamethrower guy is still alive, though, and as he tries to lift his weapon again, Aaron fires one more shot and blows up his gas tank. And if there are any terrorists left, we can't see them now that the LAPD has arrived in force. Aaron slumps back into the car, and FLOTUS is so relieved he's okay that I think they're going to get married. Would that make her FLOSS?

It's 4:49:12 as Novick gets a call on his cell phone. Logan only gets to hear one end of the conversation, and his suspense builds until Novick gets off and informs him, "Your wife survived the attack. CTU intervened in time." "Thank God," Logan says unconvincingly. Novick also tells him that the Suvarovs are fine. Logan quickly realizes that Bierko is going to blame him for this. Novick agrees. "We need to prepare ourselves for the terrorists' retaliation," he says. Although the closed-captioning says "Bierko's retaliation," which they must have fixed at the last minute because someone realized that Bierko had never actually introduced himself to them. Is Novick in cahoots, or was it just an early-draft writing mistake? Not that those two theories are mutually exclusive. It's 4:50:14.

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