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I Won't Be Your Father Figure

Back in the server room, Audrey has met up with Chloe, who has somehow determined from Kiefer's chip that the company known as Omicron International was definitely manufacturing Sentox nerve gas. "The terrorists found out about it," Chloe concludes. "Or worse, they were in contact with Omicron." As they sit down together at a computer, Audrey notices that Chloe has the name Christopher Henderson highlighted on her screen. She learns that Kiefer once knew him, but not much beyond that. Audrey picks up the desk phone and dials.

Driving along in the CTUmobile he stole from Curtis, Kiefer answers his cell phone. Audrey tells him that Omicron is definitely the gas's manufacturer, and Kiefer says he's almost at the company's headquarters. He asks her to set up a cover for him to get inside the building: "There's someone I need to talk to. I don't want him to see me coming." You're going to love how well that works out. Audrey asks if he means Christopher Henderson, and Kiefer hesitates in surprise before grunting, "Yeah." Audrey proceeds to grill Kiefer mercilessly on the significance of Henderson, and we learn the following: Henderson recruited Kiefer into CTU lo these many years ago, was his boss for a while, and then "things ended badly." It seems that Kiefer was part of an investigation that showed Henderson had sold classified information to defense contractors, and while there wasn't enough evidence to indict Henderson, he lost his job. Like that doesn't happen to every CTU boss, sometimes more than once in one day. Audrey asks if Kiefer is convinced Henderson was guilty. "I was at the time," Kiefer says. Kiefer looks a little impatient with all these questions, but he answers them because it's stuff he thinks we need to know, I guess. Having acted as Kiefer's conduit for expositional back-story long enough, Audrey says there's no proof yet that Henderson is directly connected to the Sentox. But Kiefer is confident that Henderson knows about any Sentox-making going on at the company. He tells Audrey to call back when his cover's ready.

Edgar arrives in the server room, wondering what Chloe's doing there. He looks offended, as if his chances of a server-room tryst didn't just double (and two times zero is...?). Audrey explains to him that Kiefer is on a lead in the field. This is news to Edgar; not only was he not brought into the loop on this last week, he didn't have any lines at all. But then if he had, Audrey and Chloe wouldn't be able to tell him that the reason they're going behind McGill's back is because he's turning into an even bigger asshole, and everyone who missed the last episode would be lost. Edgar's worried about all the sneakiness, but Audrey says they can't afford the risk that McGill might "derail the only good lead that we have." And I have to say that I would probably agree with McGill on that one. Because how is finding out where the nerve gas came from going to tell them where it is? They know it was at the garage, and before that the seaport, and before that the airport, and before that it was at Omicron International. Pretty much the only way this lead could pan out in real life is if the space-time continuum loops back on itself somehow. But since it's Kiefer who's chasing it down, I'm sure it'll be a veritable trove of useful data. Anyway. Edgar asks what they need from him, and Audrey simply asks Edgar to "Cover for Chloe until Jack reports back." You're going to love how well that works out, too. But for now, Chloe pulls her eyes away from her monitor and glares up at Edgar with such evil hatred that he has no choice but to consent. Because you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but a Chloe's patented brand of estrogen mixed with strychnine trumps them both.

At 4:10:44, Novick is just getting off his phone as he rejoins Logan in the Situation Room. He tries to bright-side that nothing has happened to the motorcade yet, and Logan says there won't be any warning. He says he needs to talk to the terrorist and tell him that FLOTUS is in the car. Novick doesn't think that'll cut much ice: "The only way to keep Martha safe is for me to call Secret Service and tell them to turn the motorcade around!" Logan desperately asks how CTU's search for the gas is going, and Novick says the search is going nowhere as of five minutes ago. "What am I missing, Mike?" Logan finally demands. Novick all but rents an airplane and writes in the sky, in fifty-foot letters, "Any action we take to save Martha would also save the Suvarovs. And if that happens, the terrorists will release the gas. Unfortunately, it's that simple." Logan finally gets it: "Unless I warn them, Martha's going to die with the Suvarovs." Uh, Logan? If Martha figures out that you did nothing to save her, you'd fucking better hope she does. Or for the rest of your term, you're going to be sleeping in the White Garage.

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