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I Won't Be Your Father Figure

In the limo, FLOTUS gets tired of sitting there like she's having a fatal migraine and taps on the partition to the front. Aaron rolls it down, and FLOTUS asks him, "Have there been any changes?" Aaron says no, and rolls the partition back up. The Suvarovs are beginning to look at FLOTUS with concern, if not outright suspicion, and Mrs. S. asks if FLOTUS is all right. "I just wanted to be sure we didn't run into any heavy traffic," FLOTUS lies. In Los Angeles, on the freeway, at 4:12:47 PM? Gosh, I can't imagine they would.

It's 4:17:02 as McGill wanders by to harangue poor Carrie some more. She's just gotten off the phone with Homeland Security, which pisses McGill off because she hasn't finished mirroring all the systems to his screen yet. "And yet," he bitches, "somehow you have time to chat with Homeland Security." Like Homeland Security wanted to tell Carrie about its plans for the weekend and the cute outfit it just bought and don't you hate how hard it is to find something to go with an Orange Alert? Carrie explains that DHS asked her for updated code sets. "It'll just take another minute," she flusters. "No it won't," McGill snaps, and tells Edgar to take over for her, because she's totally fired. Carrie gets up, starting to cry. I'd feel a lot worse if we'd ever seen this woman before this episode. Edgar starts to speak up in her defense, but McGill's not hearing it: "Edgar, one more word out of you, and you walk out with her. What's it gonna be?" It's that last bit that makes it so insufferable. "Prickmaster," Edgar says, and walks out. No, obviously not our Edgar. Amazingly, McGill becomes even more insufferable by scoffing triumphantly when Edgar turns back to his computer. But suddenly, McGill notices that Chloe is nowhere to be seen. He asks Edgar where she is, and Edgar says he doesn't know. Great covering there, Edgar. McGill huffs off, and we see that Curtis has been watching McGill's latest pissy little display with growing concern. If it gets much worse, Curtis may have no choice but to stand up.

It's 4:18:15 as Kiefer parks his stolen CTUmobile in Omicron's parking lot, narrating in real time into his cell phone. As he hops out, Chloe and Audrey are both on the line from the CTU server room, technobabbling that they're getting Kiefer's cover into place on Omicron's computer system. He's entering under the name John Barrie, and they've even pulled up what looks like the photo from Kiefer's old Defense Department ID badge. Kiefer's on his way into the building, but Audrey says it's going to be a minute before Chloe finishes uploading it to Omicron's system. Just then, McGill bulls into the server room, demanding to know what Chloe's doing there. Audrey, to her credit, jumps in with both feet to say she asked Chloe to help her with something. She even blocks McGill's progress before he reaches a spot where he can see Chloe's monitor, and rather awesomely stands her ground. McGill reminds her that Chloe works for him, but Audrey trumps that by pointing out that DoD has assignment priority over CTU. McGill all but throws himself on the ground and beats the floor with his feet and fists as he bitches about Audrey overstepping, even as she makes up a smooth excuse about Chloe being the only person who could do a system patch on the server. "Everything in this office runs through me!" McGill yells at Audrey. She yells right back that they're all trying to do the same thing. McGill demands Chloe back. Fortunately, Chloe has just finished with her Omicron-related mischief, and pops up out of her chair before this can escalate any further. As she heads back out to the floor, she chirps, "Sorry Mr. McGill, it won't happen again." McGill follows her out. At first I was surprised that he didn't have more to say to Audrey about this, but then I remembered that he didn't know Chloe was in on the cover-up last hour. Or maybe all it takes to shut him up is to let the baby have his bottle. Or maybe he's mellowing.

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