Day 5: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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I Won't Be Your Father Figure

Henderson looks both sad and alarmed as he gets up to pace the office at 4:23:26, but at least the gun isn't pointed at Kiefer any more. He realizes that whoever is framing him knows his history with CTU. "I mean," he says, "I'm an easy target." Kiefer somehow refrains from saying, "Tell me about it." Henderson swears he's got nothing to do with the theft of the nerve gas, but that's not good enough for Kiefer. "Prove it to me," Kiefer growls. Or what? Henderson stares at him, then hands back the gun, butt-first. As Kiefer holsters it, Henderson goes to his computer. Kiefer says he wants access to the entire Sentox program. Henderson says he's doing that now, and explains that the Sentox operation is housed in a bunker on the other side of the campus. So naturally Kiefer wants to see the bunker. Henderson gives him an appraising look, then picks up a folder, a thick metal clipboard, and his suit jacket. At least two of those items will soon prove that Henderson is pretty much always prepared to do a lot more than taser someone. "Let's go," he says, leading Kiefer out of the office. It's 4:24:47.

4:29:12. From his workstation, Edgar looks up and makes sure that McGill is safely holed up in his stolen office, then gets up and waddles over to Chloe with a binder and one of those electronic data pads they use. He says he's got some NSA "chatter" that's referring to strings of numbers like 5, 110, and 10. "Freeways?" Chloe guesses. Edgar's already recognized this as the route that Suvarov's motorcade is taking back to the airport. "The only other phrase I could decode," he says dramatically, "was 'downtown corridor.'" Chloe asks how long ago this started, and when Edgar tells her about thirty minutes ago, she nervously says, "Come on," and leads the way up to McGill's office.

Where the man himself is bitching at Curtis about how they aren't making any progress on the search for the nerve gas. So he's in no mood at all when Chloe bursts in, Edgar in tow, announcing that they think the Russian president's motorcade is going to be attacked. "What are you doing analyzing chatter that isn't related to finding the nerve gas?" McGill demands. Chloe says the point is that they found something and they should probably alert the Secret Service. McGill shoots that down: "I think I've been embarrassed enough for one day." Amazingly, that's not even the most wrong thing he says this hour. Chloe asks if they can just divert some limited resources to confirm the threat. "I'm sorry," McGill says more calmly. "Maybe I wasn't clear. NO!" Heh. He shoos them out. Before leaving, Chloe cuts a look at Curtis, who doesn't have anything to say. But once they're gone, Curtis carefully suggests to McGill, "I don't think it would be a bad idea to pass along the intel." "Well, I do," McGill snots. End of "discussion."

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