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I Won't Be Your Father Figure

And indeed, McGill is already coming across the floor towards Edgar, flanked by Redshirts. "Did you really think I wouldn't notice you were trying to access my com?" he smirks. Audrey pulls out her earpiece and tries to intercept McGill, but he snaps at her, "Shut up." Rude! He says his people are working against CTU protocols. "That means they're working against me." And it's abundantly clear which offense is worse in McGill's world. Curtis looms into the picture, and Audrey tells him what's going on. McGill orders Curtis to throw Edgar and Chloe into holding, "and then escort Audrey Raines out of CTU." Curtis refuses. "You're not behaving rationally, Lynn," he says. McGill orders the Redshirts to arrest everyone, including Curtis. You know, just to show them how rational he is. Curtis threatens to draw his weapon if the Redshirts try any such thing, and McGill orders them to shoot if he does. "This situation's already getting out of control," Curtis tells the lead Redshirt. "Don't make it worse." McGill screams at the Redshirt to follow his order, and there's a long standoff while everyone who has a sidearm stands there with a hand on it. And just like on Battlestar Galactica a couple of weeks ago, a clash between the top brass comes down to a grunt with a gun. In this case, the guard takes into account three things: when he looks to his left, he sees a shrieking Hobbit; when he looks to his right, he sees an armed, hulking, trained killer; when he looks down, he sees a bright red shirt. So it's really a no-brainer when he says to Curtis, "What would you like me to do, Mr. Manning?" "What?" McGill squeaks. And just as Audrey suggested, Curtis invokes Section 112, relieving McGill of command. McGill is led away, spouting threats: "This is an unjustified usurpation of my authority...there are going to be repercussions. Everyone involved in this is going to face prosecution!" Audrey manages to not smirk, and Edgar manages not to holler after him, "Prickmaster!" Curtis's hand isn't exactly shaking as he picks up the nearest phone and orders Buchanan released and word of his reinstatement communicated to Division. And then he tells everyone to get back to work. Everybody quickly obeys, even though Curtis didn't scream it at the top of his voice. Leadership! It's 4:40:44.

At 4:45:12, Buchanan's on his way back to the floor, being brought up to speed on the threat to Suvarov's motorcade. Buchanan's first question is how the terrorists got Suvarov's route in the first place. And then he asks whether Secret Service has been notified. "Lynn refused to do so," Curtis says. "Notify Secret Service now," Buchanan orders Chloe, whose desk they've just reached. Chloe says she needs clearance, and Buchanan hands over his keycard. Chloe also demands Carrie back, and Buchanan wearily okays it, already looking like he'd rather be in his cell than dealing with Chloe again. And it's not like we're actually ever going to see Carrie again anyway. Buchanan turns his attention to Edgar, telling him to call the President and pull up satellite surveillance of possible attack points. I hope he doesn't have too much trouble with that, since the same satellites are being used by Bierko right now. Buchanan asks about the search for the nerve gas, and Curtis says there's been no progress. So Buchanan asks Audrey about the lead Kiefer was following. Audrey tells him Kiefer's at Omicron, where the gas was manufactured, and where he now hopes to find a receipt or something. Edgar announces that he's got Logan on the line, and Buchanan picks up the phone.

Logan and Novick are sitting across from each other at a nearly bare desk at Not Camp David. I say nearly bare, because the desk holds a speaker phone, from which Buchanan's voice now issues: "Mr. President, we have intelligence that indicates that President Suvarov's motorcade may be attacked in the next few minutes." Logan's eyes widen in abject busted-osity, but Novick doesn't look too surprised. Finally, Logan chokes out, "...Is that so?" Logan says they're notifying Secret Service, but they're sure the attack will take place downtown, where the motorcade is now approaching. Logan sits there, completely flummoxed. Finally, Novick rescues him: "The President is at a loss for words," he tells Buchanan. "His wife is in the Suvarovs' limousine." What I love about that is that every word is true. Everyone at CTU is struck just as mute by this news. Logan manages to mutter, "Thank you. You've done a good job," before hanging up. Novick says there's nothing they can do; Secret Service is getting word, which means they'll take defensive measures, "which makes the attack substantially less likely to succeed." Logan doesn't seem to think that's good news.

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