Day 5: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

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6:18:32. The sun is rising outside the factory, which is weird because the sky was still completely black not ten minutes ago. Twilight certainly goes by fast in the 24-verse. Let's go inside and see how well Kiefer has been using the first four of his ten minutes, shall we? Well, for one thing, he probably should have kept Morris on hand for tech support. He's just now finished setting up the briefcase Morris brought him, which turns out to be a laptop with a live webcam. Logan's on the monitor screen, of course, and Chloe's monitoring the proceedings remotely from CTU, presumably through an earpiece. Although anyone happening by may wonder what Logan's doing on her screen. She should probably open a browser window of porn just to be safe.

Kiefer finally answers one of Logan's questions, which is what he thinks is going on. "A confession," Kiefer says. "Don't count on it," Logan bluffs. Kiefer just looks at him, like, "I'm already counting." Logan tries to claim that he's not afraid of Kiefer's torture techniques, even after seeing what he did to Walt: "I think you'll find that I'm a little bit tougher than that." Kiefer brings Logan a chair and tells him to park it, then makes sure that Chloe can hear him. I'm sure Chloe is thrilled to hear him using her name during this. Logan asks, "Are those your friends at CTU? You know you're putting them in danger, as well." Chloe's stress level doesn't seem to rise much above its already-high baseline when she hears that. She and Kiefer check their connections. Logan tries one last time to get Kiefer to flee before his guys get there, but Kiefer goes right into the interview. If by "interview" you mean "filibuster." He outlines the case against the President: Logan authorized the plan to supply the terrorists with Sentox nerve gas, Palmer started asking questions and was assassinated, other people were killed to cover up Palmer's murder, blah, blibbedy bloo. Kiefer calls the victims "People who served this country with distinction. People I worked with. Friends of mine." He adds that the terrorists deployed the gas on American soil, and that every terror-related death that happened today is also Logan's fault. "And before you leave here, you're going to admit it." Now that he knows he's on camera, Logan is of course denying everything. He even points out that he'll say anything if Kiefer hurts him enough, and everyone watching will know that too. Kiefer asks for the names of Logan's co-conspirators. Logan starts to deny some more, so Kiefer bellows, "Walt Cummings! James Nathanson! Christopher Henderson! Have all admitted to being part of this conspiracy! Now they are dead!" Okay, you really can't blame that last one on Logan. Or the middle one, even. Kiefer says there were others, and again demands their names. Too bad he doesn't have time to check the last nine hundred calls on Logan's cell phone. Logan again says that anything he ends up confessing under torture will be meaningless, and Kiefer assures him, "Mr. Logan, I'm not going to torture you." But he will kill him if he doesn't spill. Logan doesn't bother pointing out that one kind of duress doesn't make a confession any more binding than another. He just looks worried.

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