Day 5: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

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6:29:02. Logan's helicopter is approaching the military airfield, where all manner of official fanfare has been laid on. FLOTUS and Novick are standing by the cars of the motorcade, apparently having been able to beat the President there thanks to his ten-minute detour. FLOTUS is in full mourning gear, complete with a wide-brimmed black hat, and on top of that neither of she nor Novick look too happy to see the chopper. Novick's cell phone rings and he answers it, but we don't get to hear either end of the conversation as the helicopter sets down. Novick sadly approaches FLOTUS and lets her know that Kiefer wasn't successful. "I'm not sure of the details," he says. "But Bauer's in custody." FLOTUS looks shocked that her husband is going to get away with it again. Or something. The rotors are still spinning as Logan disembarks, preceded by two Secret Service agents who are either different from the ones Kiefer incapacitated, or are doing an excellent job of being all, "I wasn't sleepin'." He walks across the tarmac alone, just like FLOTUS suggested, and her face twists in hatred like this wasn't her idea in the first place. Which it was, except for the part where it actually happens. That wasn't in the plan. She walks across the tarmac to meet him, and they kiss for the cameras at 6:30:52. Logan's Press Secretary calls a halt to the photo op, and then a flag-draped coffin is pulled out of the back of the hearse while the Marine Band plays a dirge I don't recognize. Probably because I was never in the Marines. The pallbearers, representing every branch of the military, carry the casket slowly across the tarmac towards a transport plane. The sight is just too much for FLOTUS, who starts breaking down as the casket is placed on a bier. Logan sees what's coming -- or he thinks he does -- and tries to get her to pull herself together, but she's not having it. "You killed him!" she yells at him in front of everyone. "You're a murderer! You're a criminal!" Logan pulls his old "My wife is not well" shtick, and gets the nearest Secret Service agent to escort FLOTUS to a nearby hangar, kicking and screaming all the way. I mean FLOTUS is kicking and screaming, not the Secret Service agent. Wouldn't that be a disturbing image: *boot* "WALK, BITCH!" *boot*. Logan tells his Press Secretary, "I want to make sure that she's all right," and heads over to the building. Before entering, he asks the agent at the door if the hangar is secured and empty. Satisfied that it is, he says at 6:32:35 that he'll be right back.

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