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7:39:12. In one split-screen window, Kiefer's descending the ladder back towards the Situation Room. Where Spawn has apparently decided to spend what might be her last few minutes of air yapping with Chloe. She goes around to sit next to her ex-colleague and says she's sorry about her own behavior and the loss of Edgar. With that out of the way, she can move on to what she wants. Specifically, she'd like to grill Chloe a little about the contact Chloe had with Kiefer during his "death." Chloe says that she sent along information every month, mostly about Spawn. "Your breakup with Chase, your depression..." Spawn is a little confused by this, which requires Chloe to say, "I'm really good at getting information." Spawn asks if she happens to know where Chase is. Chloe offers to find out, but Spawn declines: "Barry thinks I should let that go." Chloe makes some slur about shrinks, and Spawn lets that slide and asks, "How are you doing?" Chloe explains, "Well, this morning I woke up with a guy in my bed that I'll probably never see again...I just watched one of my best friends die right in front of me...I guess not that great." Spawn just says, "Yeah." She's her father's daughter, all right.

Speaking of Kiefer, he crawls back into the Situation Room and orders Chloe to bring up the video feed from the Observation Room. So I was right. Aren't you impressed with how I can put these things together after watching these scenes nine or ten times? It's 7:41:05 as McGill watches Harry talking to his little girl over the phone. He doesn't say he's about to die, of course, just that if she falls asleep before he gets home, he'll wake her up. Which means that little girl is going to wake up in the bright sunny morning to some really bad news and dread mornings for the rest of her life. And it's such a cheap ploy, scenes like this, but that's because they work. As for McGill, we don't know of any family he has aside from his sister, and he'll be seeing her soon enough. He says it's time, and Harry says goodbye. McGill then calls Chloe and tells her he's going in. "Good luck...and thanks for doing this," Chloe says awkwardly. "Yeah," McGill says, and crosses the room to place his hand on the door handle. He looks back at Harry, who nods at him bravely and sucks his breath in to hold it. McGill does the same, holding his folded necktie against his mouth and nose as he opens the door and hurries out. McGill gets the full Rudy hero music as he scampers up the stairs and down the hall to the ventilation room, where he quickly shuts down the program and runs back out. Oddly, he doesn't trip over the stabbed and abandoned corpse of Carrie on the way.

In the Situation Room, Chloe announces that McGill did it and she's starting the fans. She says it's going to be fifteen minutes before the building is clear, but the concentration is already, conveniently, going down enough to stop breaking down the room seals. Amazing, really, considering they broke down 86% in half an hour and then lasted another ten minutes. "It looks like the seals will hold until all zones are clear," she says. So, yeah, the seals saved them this time, but next time somebody fills the building with Sentox nerve gas, they won't be quite so lucky. I hope that means they'll be more careful about this kind of thing in the future.

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