Day 5: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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There's No "I" in Kiefer -- Oh, Wait.

So what's left? Well, The Man is on the phone with someone who's telling him, "I have dealt with the Martha Logan situation." Let's pretend we can't recognize the caller's voice, and that the closed-captioning doesn't specifically identify him by his full name. "I was able to alter the tape of the phone call before the President heard it." And then we see that the caller is none other than Walt Cummings, who in addition to his other skills has turned out to be something of an AV wizard. "There's no longer any evidence on my end that Palmer was trying to warn her about the attack," he says. I don't think there was much evidence of that anyway, considering that Palmer hadn't warned jack shit right up to two hours before the attack actually happened. Jeff Kober totally wasted a bullet. The Man returns, "The terminal and the hostages are secured. It'll only be a matter of time until the president is notified of the demands." Walt hangs up and gazes out the window, satisfied in a bad job well done.

So, the following night at 8:00 Eastern. Not only is there no Arrested Development, but I have to recap what's being aired in its place. The universe laughs at my pain.

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