Day 5: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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There's No "I" in Kiefer -- Oh, Wait.

At Not Camp David, Logan is giving us a little demonstration of how a president's work is never done, his every moment accounted for. And apparently in today's schedule, the interval of 8:06:32-8:06:38 is blocked off for "Standing in the doorway and staring out into the yard." Man, who would ever want such a demanding job? Walt comes in to say that FLOTUS is still throwing stress around over the Palmer thing, and Walt doesn't think he can put her off indefinitely. Walt offers to find the recording of the phone call between FLOTUS and Palmer, so they can satisfy FLOTUS and get on with their big summit with the Russian prez. Logan gratefully takes Walt up on it. Before Walt leaves the room, the call from Audrey at CTU comes in. Logan takes it on the speaker phone. Audrey brings Logan up to date on the newest development in the investigation into Palmer's death, and hesitates for only about a week and a half before announcing that their suspect is Kiefer. Like almost everyone, Logan thought Kiefer was dead, so Audrey explains Buchanan's theory. Logan is having trouble getting his brain around it, but Walt points out, "The man does have a history of insubordination. Irrational behavior. Drug addiction." And having his death ordered by you, dickweed. Audrey rather hotly points out that Kiefer also has a history of "great service to this country." She advises that the summit be postponed, but Logan still isn't having it: "You have a suspect. Find him." End of call. Before leaving the room, Walt offers to let the Russian president's security chief in on this new development. Logan shoots that right down (if you'll pardon the expression, given that the Russians will be arriving by helicopter), because the last thing he needs is his little summit falling apart just because the other side is worried about a minor thing like getting its ass killed.

At the refinery at 8:09:06, a guy is talking on his cell phone and reporting that Jeff Kober and his guys are all dead. Kiefer and krew are of course long gone by now, and the guy offers to send a team out after them. The man on the other end of the phone -- talking on a schmancy headset and surrounded by giant video monitors playing news broadcasts -- says not to bother. They can just let CTU take Kiefer, and eliminate him then. These guys don't seem to have a very high opinion of CTU. The guy on the phone wonders if the man -- who, given his resemblance to a certain character in Undercover Brother, I can only think of as The Man -- isn't worried about Kiefer messing up their plans for the day while he's running around loose. The Man barely suppresses an evil cackle as he says, "He won't have a chance. We launch in less then an hour." And the clock pops up at 8:09:36, to let us know that there's a pretty good chance we'll see the "launch" this episode.

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