Day 5: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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There's No "I" in Kiefer -- Oh, Wait.

Agent Jennings is on the phone with Buchanan -- who's in the conference room with Audrey, Curtis, Edgar, and some randoms -- to report that although Kiefer got away, they managed to nab Chloe while she was trying to escape. Buchanan is surprised to hear that Chloe wasn't under duress. He asks to talk to her. Jennings orders her uncuffed, and hands her his cell phone. "Hi," Chloe chirps. Buchanan roars back at his speakerphone, "Chloe, what the hell's going on?" Chloe informs Buchanan that Kiefer's being framed, as per the "dying confession" of Jeff Kober. Chloe tells Buchanan where to find Kober's body. Audrey asks if Kiefer has any evidence that Palmer's assassination is connected to the summit (shorter Audrey: "me, me, me"). Chloe says Kiefer's working on it. Buchanan asks where Kiefer is now, and that's where Chloe's willingness to share dries up. Buchanan angrily orders Chloe to spill, but she refuses and hands the phone back to Jennings. "Bring her back to CTU," Buchanan snaps to the agent. He dispatches Curtis and a team to the refinery to find Jeff Kober's body, and instructs Edgar to make sure Chloe goes into a holding cell when she returns. Aw, yeah, Edgar's in charge of the Chloe-holding.

It's 8:44:37 as Kiefer and Derek head for Ontario Airport. Derek breaks the awkward silence by saying that Chloe told him a little bit about Kiefer. Feeling a dramatic scene coming on, Kiefer takes off his sunglasses and grunts, "Well, she shouldn't have." Derek asks why Kiefer had to lie. Kiefer begins by saying he never thought anything like this could happen. He adds, "After your mother rented me that room, I started to remember what it was like to have a family. How nice it was. I started to believe that a guy like me could actually get a second chance." Uh, presumptuous much? He assures Derek that he cares about him, and about his mom. I can see why Kiefer would want to make Diane happy. When she isn't, I tend to have seizures.

At Not Camp David, FLOTUS finds Logan and asks what he found on the tape of her conversation with Palmer. Logan, using that skittish-horse tone with her that's already starting to get old, gives her another chance to drop it, but she's not about to be put off now. He tells her that Palmer was killed by "an unstable ex-CTU agent," but she's still insisting they pursue this, and once again repeats her claim that Palmer mentioned national security. Defeated, Logan pulls out a fancy little digital tape deck and hits play. Even though we can't see any speakers attached to the device, Palmer's and FLOTUS's recorded voices are clearly audible. The conversation starts harmlessly enough, but it quickly gets down to business. Palmer says, "I need to talk to you. It's hardly a matter of national security." And then Palmer's voice goes on to yammer about a charity dinner he's hosting next month. Logan doesn't speak to his wife, but his face says, "So THERE!" She's already denying that that's what was said, and starts spinning off out of control. "I know what I heard!" she repeats through her teeth. Logan says he talked to her shrink, and the doctor says that if she isn't consistent with her medication (which we already know she hasn't been), she can experience disorientation and unreliable memories. "That's why you remember something different," Logan says, holding his crying wife. "I know you don't like how these pills make you feel, but you need to take them." This is getting silly. I can't believe that the press hasn't already given FLOTUS a thorough Kitty-Dukakis-ing by now.

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