Day 5: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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There's No "I" in Kiefer -- Oh, Wait.

Back at CTU, Audrey is still not on board with Buchanan's theory. She wants to know why Chloe would cover for Kiefer if he were really guilty of Palmer's murder. "There's something else going on here and we're missing it," she says diplomatically. As they reach the floor, Edgar meets them with the news that they've just intercepted some chatter indicating a 95% probability of a strike on Logan's summit in the next fifteen minutes, which is when the Russian president is scheduled to land. Wow, I hope Edgar remembers to remind them when the target time's a little closer. Audrey again says that Logan is dead-set on not postponing the summit. Buchanan says there may not be a choice, and grabs the nearest phone. "Put me through to Mike Novick," he tells the operator.

8:48:47. That panel truck full of longhairs and machine guns and explosives is on its way to wherever it's going. In the back, Bald Guy 2.0 is on his cell phone, listening to The Man informing him that the Russian's president is right on schedule. "As are we," Bald Guy 2.0 responds. The Man says they're going dark now. "No communication until after you strike." Because they wouldn't want to give anything away or anything. The Man turns back to the video monitor showing a Marine helicopter in the air.

Logan and Walt are on their way through Not Camp David to meet the Russian president's helicopter. Novick catches up with them to alert them to the new intelligence indicating that the Russian president's helicopter will be targeted. He again advises postponing the summit, or, failing that, having the Russian prez land somewhere else and arrive by motorcade. But Logan isn't willing to sacrifice the PR coup of having the Russians land right there at Not Camp David. Even Walt starts to tell him he's making a mistake, but Logan is too caught up in image-making to let security get in the way. "It's up to Secret Service and the Air Force to protect our airspace. Make sure they do the job." He leaves his underlings standing there wondering why there can only be one President of the United States, and why it has to be this clown. It's 8:49:54.

8:54:22. The bad guys are still mid-commute; the Ontario Airport's traffic control tower...um...towers; The Man minds his monitors; and Kiefer drives. He and Derek have arrived at the parking lot, Kiefer pulls into a spot and says, "There's your mom." He somehow manages not to say, "There's your mom's boobs." I'm not much of a breast man, but those things are visible from space right now. Derek makes to jump out, but Kiefer has one more thing to say: "I'm sorry about the way I treated you earlier." I'm not. That was awesome. "You're a good kid," he adds, and gets a small smile in return. Derek finally hops out of the car, and his mom comes running up for a hug. "I was so worrieeeed," Diane says. Damn, she's even whiny when she's happy. Steeling himself, Kiefer gets out of the car, straps on his man-purse, and approaches Diane nervously. She angrily demands to know, "What the hell is going on, Frank?" Kiefer gives his real name and says, "I lied to you about a lot of things." So he doesn't really wipe front to back? "I'll explain as soon as I can, but right now, you and Derek need to go to this address." He hands her a slip of paper, and I wonder for a second if he's recommending a good burrito place, but she reads it and asks, "CTU?" Kiefer says he used to work there, and tells them to ask for Bill Buchanan and say Kiefer sent them. Kiefer apologizes again, and starts walking toward the terminal. "What do we tell them?" Diane calls after him. "Tell them the truth," Kiefer says. Clever, that. Keeping them safe and establishing his alibi. Well played. Too bad Derek's going to fulfill the required role of 24 teenagers since time immemorial and fuck it all up. Inside the terminal at 8:56:06, Kiefer asks the guy at the information desk to direct him to the baggage claim supervisor.

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