Day 5: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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Spy vs. Spy

You think Buchanan's going down to the floor to make an announcement? Then you don't know Buchanan. In fact, when Audrey pulls him aside to ask why the DHS people are being so aggressive, Buchanan blows it off and lies that they'll be gone soon. Company man. Audrey clearly isn't buying, but lets him change the subject to the status of the martial-law declaration. She says that they've got nine of L.A.'s fifteen districts covered, and that she's working on the rest now. "I hope the President's doing the right thing," Buchanan frets. And we know he's not just talking about martial law.

At 8:19:34, Kiefer, Curtis, and a couple of plainclothes CTU guys enter Collette's hotel room. Excuse me, hotel suite -- that place is huge. They've got their guns drawn as they move about quietly, and quickly ascertain that no one is home. Looks like Boyfriend took my advice. But when CTU got the room key from the manager, did they bother to ask if Collette had checked out? Never mind. The bed's unmade, the laptop's gone, and the French doors to the giant balcony overlooking the city are open. Kiefer takes this to mean that Collette is heading for the roof -- even though I don't see a rope ladder or anything -- and dispatches Curtis to the stairs. We follow Curtis, for a change, as he leads his men up the stairwell. Up top, he sends them to one exit to the outside while he takes the other.

The doorway to outside is shot all threatening-like from Curtis's point of view, a blind alley. He steps outside, covering himself in all directions, even the roof level above the one he's just stepped out onto. Satisfied that no one's there, he lets his guard down a bit. And that's when Collette's boyfriend leaps down on him from above, knocking Curtis flat and disarming him. You'll be disappointed to know that Boyfriend is no longer naked, but wearing a flashy pinstripe suit with a black t-shirt. Even with the stubble and the longish hair, he manages not to look like Don Johnson. The British accent helps with that, too. By the time Curtis regains his feet, he's standing in the center of the rooftop helipad, and Collette's boyfriend is covering him with his own gun. "Drop the gun!" Kiefer roars, arriving on the roof behind Curtis at that moment. Boyfriend returns the sentiment, adding a threat to kill Curtis if Kiefer doesn't stand down. He's keeping Curtis between himself and Kiefer, creating a standoff. Kiefer shrugs, deciding that, for a Handsome Black Agent, Curtis has had a heck of a run anyway. No, not really. He holsters his weapon, but only because "Our people are all around you." Boyfriend wants to know whom Kiefer means by "our people," and Kiefer says that they're with CTU Los Angeles. Boyfriend wants to see identification, and it's a good thing Curtis is there, because he presents his. Boyfriend lowers the weapon and declares, "I'm with the German Federal Intelligence Service. My name's Theo Stoller." He says that he's there on special assignment, by agreement of their two governments. Aw, maybe they can team up and work together! "Now get the hell out of her before you destroy my cover," says Theo. Never mind. "That's not going to happen," Kiefer growls, and dials his phone at 8:22:42.

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