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And here's tonight's second commercial for Cisco TelePresence, in which we learn that it's also useful for more literal intercontinental staring contests. This time it's the Americans who blink first.

1:41:25. Morris has made good use of the commercial break to ascertain that Kiefer hasn't left the building, and that he could only be in one of the lower levels at this point. Nadia bitches at him to hurry up on searching the video feeds, and then happens to look up and notice that Chloe's chair is empty. She asks Morris where Chloe is, and Morris says he isn't sure. Kiefer's acting up and Chloe's missing? In the old days, this would have been a slam-dunk, but then, in the old days Chloe wasn't such a pathetic girl. If Nadia plans to investigate Chloe's absence further, she changes her mind when she sees Doyle coming back out onto the floor, rubbing the back of his neck. She all but accuses him of taking a fall for Kiefer. Doyle makes a token effort to deny it, and then finally admits, "I did what I think is best for this operation, and Audrey Raines." And then Nadia just lets him walk off. Morris suddenly hollers, "I have him!" Indeed, his screen is showing a live video feed of Kiefer leading Audrey down a staircase to somewhere in the bowels of the building. Morris says that means that Kiefer is only going to be able to reach corridors L and M. Nadia starts heading in that direction, telling Morris to have Doyle and Bradley meet her there. And to bring dip. They'll make a party of it.

Kiefer hides from some more running guards, and then leads Audrey into a utility room that he easily accesses by swiping Doyle's key card through the reader. Nobody thought to deactivate that card when they locked the place down? Who's running this place? Once they're both through the door, Kiefer pistol-whips the cover off the access pad inside the room, and then pulls out the wires so that the door won't open again. So he's clearly counting on someone being pretty determined to get them out of there very soon. It would serve him right if Nadia got there and was all, "Fuck it, I was going to lock him up anyway. Let him rot in there." And isn't it great how destroying a door panel always does exactly what the destroyer wants it to do? I remember how Buck Rogers always interacted with electronic door panels. If he wanted to lock it behind him, he'd shoot the panel. Open a locked door? Shoot the panel. Jam the door open? Shoot the panel. Close a door he already jammed open? Shoot the panel again. Good times. Kiefer goes to Audrey, and they kneel on the floor facing each other. He's trying to be all gentle and understanding, promising to protect her and take care of her. Trying to get her to remember anything at all, he starts telling her about herself to try to jog her memory. We learn that she was born in Albany as Audrey Louise Heller, and that in addition to having a father who used to be Secretary of Defense, she had a mother named Alicia who died when Audrey was nine. Somewhere deep inside Audrey, a bell is ringing. Kiefer encourages her to try to remember, because if he has to keep going further in her life's story to the point where her husband died, things could get a little awkward for him.

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