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At 1:56:33, Nadia goes back to Medical and hangs out in the anteroom, seeing that Audrey has a visitor. It's her dad, and I must say that he certainly has recovered nicely from whatever injuries he sustained during his car crash last year. Also, despite the fact that he's the ex-Secretary of Defense, he's still dressed in a suit and tie at almost 2 in the morning. And he was in California why? Oh, never mind. I'm just glad to see William Devane again. He sits down next to Audrey's cot and says he's going to take her away: "I'm going to take care of you, Audie, I promise." He puts his hand on hers, and then glances out to see Nadia lurking outside the glass wall, and says he'll be right back.

Outside Audrey's room, Heller tells Nadia that he wants to see Kiefer before he leaves with Audrey. He can just skip out like that with a key witness in the middle of the night? I guess his supposedly fatal car crash only made him more powerful than you can imagine. Nadia tells a guard to escort Heller to Kiefer's holding room. As they leave, Doyle comes up to Nadia and reports that "Bloomfield" just happens to be the name of a nearby copper refinery, and that Forensics found copper particles on Audrey's clothing. They figure Cheng must be using the copper refinery as his temporary base. Doyle has already asked LAPD to lock down the building, but hold off on making any moves until CTU gets there to screw things up but good. Nadia congratulates him on his good work. And as he's walking away, she tells him that he was right, and that she should have stood up to Bradley. Doyle walks all the way back into her personal space and says, "You did. When it counted, you stood up to him." Nadia takes a moment to look appreciative, and walks off into her own split-screen window. Other windows show Audrey, still not saying anything; Tom, about to get to work with Lisa; Cheng, looking grumpy; the Veep, looking grumpier still; and Kiefer, sitting in his chair in his holding room, looking at the floor. Grumpily.

Kiefer barely glances at the visitor who comes in, but then does a double take and jumps to his feet. "Mr. Secretary," he says to Heller, like he's addressing God. Heller just glowers at him. Kiefer looks kind of nervous, and rightfully so. William Devane can be pretty scary when he wants to be, plus the last time they met Heller beat the crap out of him. Kiefer can't stand the awkward silence, and starts babbling that he has promised to take care of Audrey and be there for her as long as it takes. Heller's like, not so much: "Audrey went looking for you and this is how she came back. What's happened to her is your fault." Which, Heller knows I'm not the biggest Kiefer-defender in the world, but I'd argue that the Chinese had something to do with it as well. Kiefer doesn't argue the point, but he says that he can get through to Audrey, given enough time. Heller just gets in Kiefer's face and snarls at him to stay away. Kiefer slumps back into his chair, defeated. Heller goes over to the door and, buttoning his suit jacket, declares, "You're cursed, Jack. Everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead." He raps on the door and the guard lets him out, leaving Kiefer alone to ponder this startling observation, almost as if it's news to him. Which come on, can that really be the case? It's 2:00:00.

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