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Anyway, I think I've done enough describing and should probably let the characters talk now. Suvarov gets right to the point, which is that he's heard that "an FB sub-circuit board is now in the possession of an agent of the Chinese government." Damn, word does travel fast. The Veep, Tom, and Karen exchange looks of busted-osity, but the Veep will only say that the situation is under control. Suvarov tells the Veep that since the technology Cheng has will compromise Russia's defensive capability, the Veep needs to prevent him from leaving the country with it. The Veep gets grumpy: "I don't appreciate being dictated to, Mr. President." Yeah, don't expect him to fix a horrible mistake his country made or anything. The Veep continues: "I don't need to remind you that it was a Russian general who allowed those bombs to enter the U.S. in the first place. The same general who conspired to detonate them." Suvarov doesn't back down, and threatens "an appropriate response." Whatever that means. The Veep tries to "Mr. President" Suvarov again, but Suvarov vanishes from the screen, to be replaced by the TelePresence splash screen. Before someone at Cisco complains, I should add that he appears to have done so on purpose.

Now that they're effectively alone, the Veep demands to know how the Russians found out about the circuit board so quickly. Tom says that there must be a mole, either at the White House or at CTU. It's the only possible explanation, and besides, there's always a mole. Tom says that he'll look into it at the White House's end, and Karen offers to investigate at CTU. Too bad she just fired her best contact there. In the meantime, the Veep wonders how worried they should be. The short answer: very. Tom's analyzes that China's possession of the component will force Russia to "extend their defensive line into Centralasia." Those Centralasians again! They're everywhere! Especially in Central Asia. Karen points out that the U.S. has a military base there, which Tom predicts the Russians will target. And then the U.S. will have to respond, and things will escalate from there. The Veep looks stressed out. What, no ideas this time, Quick-Draw? Completely at a loss when faced with a problem you can't nuke? He just rubs his giant face and tells Karen and Tom to give CTU whatever they need to find Cheng. One presumes that if the mole is at CTU, he or she should be excluded from that instruction.

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