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Meanwhile, Kiefer's being led down a back hallway to Holding by Doyle, flanked by uniformed CTU guards. He still won't shut up about wanting to talk to Audrey. As Doyle swipes his access card through a reader that lets them into a holding room, Kiefer tells Doyle, "You know how they're going to interrogate her." Yes, I think they both know. Interrogation is one of Kiefer's and Doyle's common interests, after all. Kiefer thinks they'll just make Audrey retreat further inside herself, and that they'll learn nothing (in addition to screwing up Audrey for good). All Doyle will do, though, is cuff Kiefer's hands in front rather than in back before making him sit in a chair. Hey, if Kiefer's girlfriend is going to be reduced to even more of a mindless husk then she already is, Kiefer might as well be able to sit comfortably. Doyle's about to leave the room, but before he does, Kiefer begs him one more time to "take care of her." Doyle exits without any response beyond a guilty expression. Hey, try quoting the Upanishads or something.

At 1:23:32, Doyle joins Nadia in Medical while Bradley continues his exam of Audrey. Agent and boss exchange about ten words before Nadia decides that Bradley's exam has gone on long enough, and she taps on the door for him to come out. Nadia introduces Bradley and Doyle. Bradley has already determined that Audrey is a "Type 3 catatonic, capable of following simple commands and repeating words and basic phrases, but otherwise utterly unresponsive." He figures that her state is so severe that they aren't going to be able to communicate with her without using drugs to "shock her out of this state." Doyle rephrases: "So they used drugs to torture her, and you're going to give her more?" Because this is Doyle's house, and if anybody's going to be torturing witnesses, it's going to be him. Nadia asks about the risks to Audrey. Bradley says that 22% of patients have a "cardiovascular event," and that death can occur in extreme cases. Good thing nothing extreme ever happens on 24, then. Doyle tries to protest, and although Bradley says he's not thrilled with those stats either, they don't have a lot of other options, given the time frame they're looking at. Doyle suggests Kiefer's idea of letting Kiefer talk to her. Bradley smirks that he knows all about Kiefer from Audrey's file, and thinks that seeing Kiefer will just upset Audrey more. "But there's no chance of her dying from it," Doyle points out, because he's still fairly new. Bradley cuts off the debate, saying that District has put him in charge. He's going to get started, and he'll let them know what he finds. Bradley ducks back into Audrey's room with a dismissive "good day" that is no less dismissive for the fact that it's nearly 1:30 in the morning. As he reenters Audrey's room, Doyle exhorts Nadia to put a stop to this. Nadia says that she can't do anything about it. Doyle tells her to do the right thing: "It's what Buchanan would have done." Nadia calls that uncalled-for. Doyle apologizes, possibly sincerely, and says that the acting director can't be afraid to step on a few toes. "Does that go down better?" he asks. Nadia says that the acting director also has to respect the chain of command. "But thank you for your advice," she grumps. They go back to watching Bradley get ready to work on Audrey at 1:25:47. Isn't it interesting how quickly Doyle has taken such an interest in Audrey, after she called him by the wrong name during their only interaction? That probably reminded him of every sexual partner he's ever had.

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