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1:30:12. Lisa's fully dressed again, apparently none the wiser and her hair none the wetter after her shower. She hears her cell phone ringing and fishes it out of her purse, telling her mostly-dressed boyfriend, "It's him." When she answers, the Veep shortly asks, "Where are you?" He tells her to get back as quickly as she can to help deal with a new crisis. "I need you," he whines, and she softly answers, "I need you too." She hangs up and turns back to her boyfriend, who's just fixed himself a drink. She says that she has to go back to work, although she doesn't know what for. They kiss goodbye, and she leaves, without a change of clothes and wearing what looks like the same suit she's been wearing all night. Alone at last, her boyfriend pulls out his cell phone and calls his Russian handler to ask, "What's my next move?" Such a diligent spy. If I were still up at 4:30 in the morning, my "next move" would not occur until about noon.

Back in the Oval Office, Tom enters with a folder, saying that he's identified the leak. He takes way too much time in drawing out the revelation, considering his two audiences. By which I mean that the Veep is not a patient man and we already know. Tom says that the NSA has been monitoring all White House calls and emails since the circuit board has been "in play," and that one staffer -- whom Tom isn't naming just yet -- called a lobbyist named Mark Bishop, who had been flagged two years ago as having "possible to likely conflict with Russian intelligence agents." That's enough for the Veep, and he asks who the staffer is. Tom spills that it's Lisa. The Veep's in denial that he's been shtupping a spy, as if he'd ever get any action otherwise. But Tom doesn't think Lisa knows she's being used. Basically, the quick-and-dirty research he's done indicates that Lisa and Bishop have been sleeping together. Looking pained, the Veep decides to come clean about his own relationship with Lisa, understating, "Then we have a bigger problem than you think, Tom...I'm sleeping with her, too." Tom is shocked as the Veep sits across from him and spins a yarn about how he thought all of his groinal feelings were gone after his wife Nancy died. He's toying with his wedding ring as he speaks. Don't you think it's kind of interesting that the American people elected a ticket made up a single man and a widower? Maybe Martha Logan just turned them off the idea of First Ladies for a while. The Veep talks about working late with Lisa one night: "You understand how these things happen, Tom." Tom really doesn't, perhaps on more than one level. Fortunately, his shock at the Veep's behavior doesn't prevent him from thinking fast, and he's already got a plan to "turn this situation to [their] advantage." We'll be learning more about that later.

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